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A New Mythic Approaches - Champion of Anu

Seals aren’t high enough to try for the Mythic.

Doubt Gnomes would give me enough to matter

Guild Tasks… Maybe.

And I’ve never had luck getting a Mythic on an event week. I’ve tried multiple times

All in all, I have terrible luck with these things. Almost every month I go through this. And after almost a year and a half, it’s getting stale real fast.

Edit: But I do appreciate the suggestions

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Got one with ~3500 seals, then tried a quick 10x vip chest pull too…


Am I the only one who is amused by the trait called “Human Shield”?


Well I got one… not sure if I am gonna use it much…

Once again I’ve been skunked with a horde of gem and glory keys :frowning: I’m going to try my last 50 VIP keys tomorrow and hopefully if we get to 40k by Sunday i’ll have some guild keys to try a couple hundred more chests. I’m not to optimistic at this point as the only way I’ve been getting any new mythic troops in this game for months is making them in Soul Forge…

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I got him with my last batch of gem keys. Used up every single Glory and Gem Key now, but hey, never had to plunder my gem stash.

Useage-wise… I tried him a bit and he’s an odd one. His damage is abysmal. Obviously. Even VoO does more damage and most legendaries do, too. His spell is only good for the drain + silence.
So I thought: “Well, he’s a tank”, put him in first place, Ysabelle behind him and watched the armor go up. Problem: He blocks three colors for other troops that way. Also, all armor isn’t helping him against Khorvash and since his third trait is what people will want to use him for, you also don’t want him stunned.
Hence, don’t put him in slots one or two.
Khorvash/Ragnagord (Or Azura/Skullbeard in GW)/CoA/Ysabelle does work wonders, though. If you lose Khorvash and your exploder, you likely have two troops with very high armor and good attack remaining then.

Or just troll people with any combination/amounts of CoA and Ysabelle exclusively. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! Another mana drainer! I was just saying the other day how much fun mana drainers are to play against and how this game doesn’t have enough of them.

And I am not at all bitter that I just threw my resources away without getting one.

1700 gold keys (Prime RNGesus)
2000 glory
800 Gem
50 VIP… Got one!

Trying to decide if it’s worth going for two… :thinking:


I’ll put dawnbringer bard up top and mana starve the 3 below I have. I don’t care anymore… Lalalala laa laaaa

Yeah but Dawnbringer bard is quite a bit more useful and does more damage than CoA… not that I know from experience. I don’t have Dawnbringer and never will. :stuck_out_tongue:



But getting 4 to all stats at the start of every turn should be nice, even without an exploder.

It IS nice, which is why my Broken Guard hero sits in spot four on yellow GW day and does nothing but increase stats… No reason for spot 1, though.

He looks like a deadly hybrid of Dracos and Famine, sounds good on paper, wonder if he’ll be good in reality too.

Got nothing from 7000 guild seals and 603 gem keys, then got 3 on my first 50-pack of VIP keys.


Finally happened to me. 800 gem keys, 4500 glory keys and 100vip keys, 0 mythics. Not spending anything else til next one

Yes he combines the least useful aspects of both of those :slight_smile:

He doesn’t hit hard enough to warrant blocking three colours… I’d like to see his spell mechanic varied to split damage across the target enemy and enemies below it - and get a hike accordingly, maybe boosted by the mana drained - so if you target the last enemy it may one-shot it - but if you target another enemy to use the drain, the damage gets split and is less effective…


15 Guild Keys. :grinning:


“that’s what guildies are for!”

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I’d hope you guys both pulled them with the unlimited hax :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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