A New Mythic Approaches - Champion of Anu

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New Mythic Troop: Champion of Anu

The God, Anu, is worshipped in many parts of Krystara, often by the nobility of a kingdom and their court, as he is the King of the Gods.

The folk of the Leonis Empire, for example, believe their Emperor represents Anu, and indeed his Imperial Crown is a holy relic. The good people of Sword’s Edge also worship Anu, but their belief is more grounded and less mystical.

The two deities of Sword’s Edge are Gaard the Protector, and Anu the King. Every year, as Winter draws to an end, and armies prepare for war, there is a huge tournament at the Royal Court, currently overseen by Queen Ysabelle. The winner dons the Armor of Anu, which magnifies their strength tenfold, and for the next 12 months they lead the armies of Sword’s Edge into battle. In turn, the runner-up dons the Armor of Gaard, and for the next 12 months, they protect the homelands of Sword’s Edge.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC, Mobile, PS4 and XBox One.

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Awesome! Excited to have him on blue GW Day!
(Or red defense… :speak_no_evil: )

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Anu is the leader of gods in Gemsofwar :star_struck:

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Nice preview image! :smiley:


Me and Sirrian both pulled him! 8D


Yesssssss 400 guild keys and got it baby!!!


2k guild keys :sunglasses:


meant to pull for 2… pulled 3. whoops. well, I dont feel bad.

100 VIP Keys (pulled 1), 1800ish glory keys (nothing), 350? gem keys (pulled 2 in 1 50 keys)

Learning from having 2 Scorpius, having 2+ CoA will be fun.

I can safely say I don’t hate this troop at all, and I haven’t even played with it yet.


450 glory keys and 25 gem keys


This pull was nasty, 2800 Glory keys, and 21000 guild Seals.

i got another from 10 vip keys!


Gaard? you mean Gard? or there is another awesome armor dude?

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1 guild key. Literally, that’s it. My very first key use after the mythic was released. I’ll never top this.


Got death off one of the 13 LT and used all my 650 gem keys and no anus. Got two in 18 k seals and another one in 80 vip. Was using most of my resources before I go, and besides, I wanted 3.

First Impression: Not playing more with it now since I want to tackle the gnomes, but wow its good. Spell is good because of the 3rd trait. 2 CoAs is amazing synergy.

I set Draakulis, 3x CoA as my defense team just for the humor. May try DB - Bard + 3x CoA for even more unnecessary buffs.

CoA reminds me that I love the core game play and I love trying all of the new troops (and subsequently hate not being able to get some of the troops since I can’t play them, don’t care about the collection purposes), but then all of the side stuff takes away from the experience (for me)…

Got mythic in 50 gem chests.


You really need three though tacet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Three’s the magic number.

750 gem keys, 5k glory keys, and 100 VIP keys for 2. Guess there are worse things to stack.

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I like the new preview image! Very nice.

Got him with only 100 Guild Keys, 3,600 Glory Keys. :sunglasses:

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Another black hole to through all my resources down. Must be that time of the month again. :expressionless:


1,500 Glory Cheers (keys and glory)
200 Gem Cheers (keys and gems)
40 VIP Chest

No Mythic and I’m basically broke. I even spent Gold keys to try and get some extra Glory and Gems, out of those too now. I hate this damn game.

well, maybe you have guild seals?

or, you still have time with the gnomes this weekend…
or, you can hope from the guild tasks next week…
or, there’s a Sword’s Edge Kingdom event coming soon…