Champion of Anu or Famine? Help me decide

Well, I crafted Ubastet a while back, thanks to some feedback from the Community.
I am missing 18 Mythic troops so far.
Xathenos and Zuul’Goth are not interesting to me, so I’ll ignore them for now.
However, I am missing two Mythic troops that are in the Soulforge this week.

Champion of Anu, and Famine. I can only craft one, though. I need to prioritize.

Help me decide, and explain, which Mythic troop should I craft first, and why.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Bronka [Hoguns]

I would suggest waiting for a better troop.
If you don’t want to wait, take Champion of Anu.

Champion of Anu may help you raise power of Sword’s Edge. If you’re interested in economics and tribute.


Famine is one of the most powerful mythic in the game. I guess his spell is self-explaining :slight_smile:

Champ of Anu is the only option, if you have the most mythics already and you want to upgrade his kingdom.

I’d wait until a better one is available, especially if you don’t already have all of:

  • Megavore
  • Irongut
  • Ubastet
  • Infernus
  • Pharos-Ra

Famine fits on maybe two teams that barely see use today. It’s overpowering in a long game and gets really strong if it’s been around for 5-8 turns, but today’s meta teams win in 2-3 turns so Famine has no time to accumulate its effects.

Champion of Anu fits on maybe two teams that I see very often in GW and beat 99% of the time with no problem. It’s not one of the three teams that can win on turn 1 so it’s not the most relevant. I sometimes toss it onto a blue team, but as with Famine “+1 per turn” is just too slow in today’s GoW.

I agree with each of those five, though I might swap Tina for Megavore.

I do think you’re underselling the usefulness of Famine. There are two game modes where you can’t really design a team to reliably win in 2-3 turns (or rather, I haven’t been able to): Guild Wars and Tower of Doom. I don’t know if I will use Famine this particular week, but I’ve used it a ton in the past.

I really don’t have many use cases for Champion of Anu. It’s designed like it’s a tank, but blocking three colors isn’t something you want a tank to do (Stonehammer suffers from the same problem).

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Thank you for your input, @Slypenslyde, and the rest of you.

As you can see, I am missing 18 Mythic troops, plus one Legendary troop - Summer Imp.
It’s actually been one year since I started playing this game. I invested over 2300+ hours so far.
All of my troops are fully traited, except for the missing ones and a few Hero traits as well.

Here are all my missing Mythic troops:
(I have all the rest, except for Xathenos and Zuul’Goth, but I am in no rush to obtain any of them.)

I will continue reading your input, then I will decide what to do next on Saturday or Sunday.
I can always wait for a better choice to obtain some other Mythic troop first.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Bronka [Hoguns]

Given that list, I think the competition is between:

  • Champion of Anu
  • Undine
  • Jotnar
  • Queen Aurora

I think in the end those four have about the same utility with respect to each other. CoA and Undine are notable because I feel like they do have some GW utility. Queen Aurora is sort of like TPK in that she is a surprisingly good slot 4 support but doesn’t do much else. I haven’t had Jotnar for very long, but apparently in a few events where I didn’t have him he was a great choice.

I almost want to put War on that list because I remember using it to great effect last year. But I haven’t used it since then so it’s probably slipped. Someone else might say Suna and Stonehammer should be on there… Stonehammer’s great for that Dwarves team that’s overused in GW and IMO it isn’t super effective. Suna’s pretty OK, I just can’t say I’ve used her much.

So given your context, I think you’re reaching the point where so long as you don’t choose Gargantaur, it’s hard to say you made a bad decision.

If you think about economy, go for Gard’s Avatar, it will unlock 13 stars on Whitehelm:)

Queen Aurora is great in delves as support.

Jotnar can create good GW defence with looping troops.

Famine is my most used troop and I would recommend him between the two. He saved me on multiple occasions especially against Divine teams. Champion of Anu is good if you want to improve your Blue Team for Guild Wars, because of his trait. But for some more help I’d go look at this guide to help make your decision:

You need 2 or 3 champion of anu for it to be really useful. Drakulis / iron gut + 3 coa is formidable, if you only have 2 the possessed king can replace 3rd coa.

I agree that Famine is not looked at as a particularly great mythic troop any longer by many players. However, as you mentioned, it definitely has it’s uses. As has been mentioned by others, as the game has become so much “faster” than in the past, a more methodical troop like Famine has lost a bit of it’s luster. COA has the same downsides but is not nearly as useful in my opinion. A full mana drain on an enemy team can still be devastating even with the number of mana protected troops out there. I would definitely go with Famine between these two choices. Now if the developers would reinstate Famine’s Jinx trait they took away when it was nerfed at the height it’s power. Or if they introduce a troop that starts Daemons or Mystics with 50% mana…:astonished:

I think I’ll decide for Famine. One of the main reasons for this is that you can’t get this troop from Event Keys, because there is no Kingdom for Apocalypse troops.

After that, I think I’ll get Queen Aurora, then everything else.

My decision is still not final, so keep the feedback coming.