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A monthly pack that double the hero XP for classes

The whole thing is in my subject this time. It would be so welcome to see a pack like this in the store.

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I’m with you, but I doubt it will ever happen. It’s supposed to take forever to level up classes.

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Low level explores. 1 shot the opponent, rinse and repeat.

Ah, I did not know. Thanks for the advice.


I got it. Not sure about anyone else. :wink:

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Sadly, while I also like to see such a pack available for purchase, the odds of such a pack being added to the game is virtually nil because it breaks one of the core unspeakables of the game’s design philosophy,

Thou shalt not trivialize any existing shop currently in the game.

Having a potion that doubles hero(ine) CXP at least partially renders Class Event shops irrelevant. And that makes this request pretty much an immediate non-starter.

Also, these days, the design trend of the game towards purchasables leans strongly away from blanket, all-encompassing power-ups. The Daily Deal shop is a good example of this design philosophy. Purchases there are for very specific things that often require many repeat purchases to accumulate into something actually useful.

While the Ring of Wonder does exist that gives blanket gold/souls/XP bonuses (a “legacy” power-up these days?), I don’t think the game will see anything sold that will gives a blanket bonus anytime soon, if ever again.