A list for troop kill/death ratio

I love statistics. I do not know how much work will go into this from the developers side, but would it ever be considered to have a troop kill/death list?

I remember playing a very old game, Fantasy General, where you could see which troops had the most kills for and against, damage dealt/received.

Also, would it be possible to increase the amount of people who have invaded you while you were offline from 3 to maybe 5 or 10? Pretty please. :heart_eyes:

I love stats too and I would find it interesting, although you’d need a big sample size for them to mean anything.
And I really hope they never increase the amount of invades, EVER EVER EVER. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:smiley: I know you like the PvP less.I for one would love a yearly tournament. Or a chance to face one of the creators in a toe-to-toe battle. What a rush ! To be honest, I never play PvP in any other games like MMO’s, ect. I suck at it too much, but I love the strategy in this game as well as the roll-the-dice and pray cascades of the gems. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My problem is not PvP, it’s that basically all I face in PvP are the same two or three line-ups over and over again, so I just get really bored playing the invading/defending part of the game. Ergo my love for the Arena, where you rarely face the same line-up twice.

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I see your point. I also find it strange that I sometimes face the same players (it seems) running in a loop as if there are so few people playing the PvP part.