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Split the Win Rate %

Aside from the bugs to be squashed, I do have a legitimate complaint about this “Win Rate” display (and the Overall one by extension).

That isn’t my win rate. That’s an average of me plus the dense idiotic AI. I would prefer to be on a different level. There ought to be a “Win Rate” for Invasions and one for Defends. Just stick another number there.

If I disappear for the next few hours and get invaded 7 times and lose them all because, duh, AI ain’t that good, I would supposedly have a 50% win rate. Which makes no sense.

No offense to the game’s AI. Well, no more than usual.

And this is further exacerbated by sticking an offensive team in defense to mitigate that annoying bug that will go away in the next 24 hours apparently hopefully.


I like this post but I can’t like anything for awhile (haven’t quite figured out why yet) I also don’t like my battle % lowered to matches I didn’t actually lose

There is a limit to the number of likes you can use in a “day”. I put day in quotes since it doesn’t seem to be as simple as 24 hours I don’t think.

But yeah, I too support this idea!

@Ozball it’s probably a thing where a single “like” gets used and you can’t use it again for 24 hours when it comes back to you.

And of course they give you a few of them

That’s what I was thinking, but today was the first day I really ran out of them, so haven’t been able to test it properly.

@Cell :heart: this post

See @Ozball I got around it

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Without derailing this thread further:


Invade Wins: x%
Defense Wins: x%

It would help us rate how well our defense team is going as well.

Should this be moved to Feature Requests?

Is this a change that is feasible @Sirrian or @Nimhain?

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Yeah this ought to be in Feature Requests actually. Wasn’t sure. I think I can do that myself