A few general improvement ideas

Hi Im on the ps4 version. I see that trophies are now available from other event instead of just pvp. I was wondering if they could make trait stones available from doing explores during the extra trait stones events also seeing as not everyone is into pvp? Also I know that ascended treasures dont give a hoard bonus of any type but was wondering if they could like extra percent increase or more exp. Because when you pick the ascended everything option form the troop menu it effects treasure too which the play then looses out on what they had collected already unless they are mythic level.

I was also looking at some of the orb pattern cost. Why would i spend 1000 souls and 4 orbs of wisdom to get a major orb of wisdom? I can fully trait a troop using 3 orbs of wisdom and save 1000 souls. Why would someone waste all those major orbs to get an orb of power when it can be done more effectively using less?

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A major Orb of wisdom is not only used for traiting a troop. In fact, it is best not to use it for that purpose. They are usually for other crafting purposes in the forge.