A devourer build

I’m having a bit of fun with this build.
Black Beast-green/brown
Heal - devourer ally add all attack, life, shield

Carnex - red/purple
Explode 7 random skulls gain 3 armour

Summoner - red/purple
All allies 4 life - summon lol 12 ghoul

Me… Prismatic orb
10 gems of ally colour

I’ll leave it to you to figure out how to play it.

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Sounds like a really bad comp, more if you really have the “Black Beast” on the first slot.

In sequence as listed. At lvl 199 handling lvl 300s without a problem.

Wow, that doesnt really means anything once however. Lol.

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The carnex is the appetizer for the beast WHEN it’s needed. Until then? Once carnex gets going, I can get 5-10 free turns in a row. I can generate 1-2 maps every five games.

While carnex is firing up? The beast is the team shield.

The summoner keeps the beast fed… And generates a buildup of health for all. Useful on the rare occasions I lose the summoner and need to eat all my troops

And of course the orb is a mana sponge allowing me to pump any of the troops as required. No mana lost in this build.

Not unusual for the beast to have 30-40 Atk. 30-40 shield and 50-80 health at the end of the game.

Build isn’t perfect - the mana colours are the same for carnex and summoner, would like them to not overlap, but I haven’t found a better alternative with the troops I have.

I also have zero board control and can’t target specific enemies. Yet? Surprisingly this doesn’t matter too much

If I happen to lose the beast early? Summoner provides a renewable meat shield for carnex. And summoner is a great healer in all situations,

Dont miss understand me. I completly see the point of your comp but it’s so slow that it just look like really bad. Also all those huge stats are going to waste since you really dont need them and you dont have a skull creater to make use of BB’s Attack.

I ran something similar in Arena actually. Beast+Summoner is a lot of fun. Just not efficient at all :smile: