Black Beast balance feedback (+ summoner troops)

I’ve been trying for a while today to get a funny Black Beast deck to work and I realized that… It’s balance change actually feels like a nerf.

I think it now is playable (well, in fun deck, not when try harding), not because of how the Black Beast itself evolved, but because of how troop summoners have evolved.

Back on Black Beast’s recent change : it now creates 6 skulls.
That sounds like a buff, I say that’s an unintended nerf. How so?

Creating gems/skulls always is a double edged blade unless you have a free turn directly from the spell (i.e. Skeleton / Goblin Shaman). The more you create, the less chances there are to be punished. Another thing to take into account is how many existing gems/skulls are present on the board before you use your spell.

Now, on the paper, a board has 1/7 of each gems / skulls. Except that in practice, skulls are systematically taken by the AI. So, skulls are likely to be the least present.
Personnaly, I consider that creating less than 8 gems is usually a bigger risk than it is a chance. So, 6 skulls is even more dangerous, not to mention that skulls are immediate threats, unlike mana.

Now, that’s a lot of theory, what about practice? Well, trying to come up with my Black Beast deck, I’ve tried it for myself. My Black Beast is legendary and lvl 19. Over 50 battles, it died around 15 games, 10 times right after eating its first unit, 5 times before he could eat its first unit.
As for the other time it survived, most of the time, it didn’t make a single match (and I would only fire its spell because Green Seer allowed me to entangle the ennemy unit), rarely it made one 3 match, and only once did he make a 4 match.

So, firing Black Beast spell feels a bit like punishing yourself, you get rid of one of your own units and the result is… Risking your Black Beast too…

In my opinion, Black Beast should either have :
Devour an ally + extra turn (makes sense as a Zaejin unit)
Devour an ally + cleanse itself (makes sense too)
Devour an ally + gets barrier (not too strange but doesn’t fit much thematically)

So, my Black Beast dies, and since I’m playing it with summoner troops, when my first line Black Beast dies, what do I have as first line when I summon troops? Pointless summonned troop with the strength of a potato.

No, seriously, the summoned troops

  • usually are low quality troops
  • are untraited
  • can’t have a level higher than 15 (and now, there are HUGE stat bonus in the last 5 levels)
  • don’t benefit of lvl 10 Kingdoms
  • DO benefit of group bonuses (woah!)

As a result, I’ve compared my lvl 1 spider swarm to my summoned spider swarm lvl 15. The level 1 is better.

Now, I hear you, a summoned troop shouldn’t best a normal troop, but currently, summoning a troop is just crippling yourself : you summon on the first opened slot, so, most likely in front line. You just sealed your skull damage. As long as the ennemy uses targeted / area spell, he is actually better off facing your useless summoned troop than its summoner…

I think summoned troop should at least benefit of half the bonuses brought by Kingdoms…

Well, I know this was a long post for not so oftenly played troops, but maybe with a little bit of love for them, we could have an even more interesting and diversified meta.
Thanks for reading / sharing your opinion :slight_smile:

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Absolutely agree that summoned troops should be better… Actually I think they should arrive at the level, traits, kingdom bonuses etc exactly from your collection and exactly as if you placed it there yourself (with likely exception of battle start bonuses for teams and stats traits)… At the moment, as @Zelarith says, the summon spell actually cripples you… Better to play a buff on your first troop, as the summoned troop had no value other than a (very) temporary meat shield…


Very much why I was happy to see the Giant Spider was offered a refund. Summoning Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-Swarm is a nerf imho, for reasons stated above.

What is your Black Beast Deck?

I’ve been thinking of trying one, but I’ve got too many more things to work on.

I was thinking:
Black Beast
Giant Spider
Skeleton (Perhaps second position, pushing BB to 3rd)

Hopefully using the Barrier + Armor to survive until I’m ready to combo. Use the Skeleton to set up enough skulls that when Black Beast Eats a Spider Swarm it will set off a skull match.

The core is
Black Beast
Giant Spider
Green Seer

4th card is for feeding Black beast.

For a while I’ve had Venoxia (in 4th spot) to help black beast grow in attack, but if Black beast dies, I just end up with a useless Venoxia by the end of my deck.

Then I came to question wether Black Beast should be 1st or 2nd troop. Realized it was better as a second troop (it is better protected early game this way and throughout the game when the summoned meat shield comes front line).
So I couldn’t keep Venoxia and decided to give Sylvasi as first troop a try. It’s good, but saddly, Sylvasi can’t steal attack from troops entangled by Green Seer (yet another issue…)

Your idea of pairing it up with Skeleton seems promising to put to good use that 6 skull spawn of Black Beast, but then Giant Spider is quite hard to feed (as there are 2 green mana users) and so it will be hard to combo :o

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My black beast deck is
Ogre fully traited
priestess fully traited
black beast fully traited
healing summoner. fully traited
all colors are covered and flag does not really matter but mine is red and brown.
the team is slow but worth it. you can drag the game to your level but the skulls from the beast mess with the synergy.

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I am using Dokkalfar as the 4th, and devouring Giant Spider. This provides a second summoner for redundancy, and Giant Spiders are tastier than Spider Swarms.

Cast sequence is: Green Seer, Giant Spider, Black Beast, Dokkalfar, repeat.