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A cap for donation to guild tasks in one time since update?

A member of my guild donated over 1 million in one time (1.2 or 1.3) and he only received about 20 keys and gems! I received the correct award (~200 gems and ~200 keys).

Could it be a prob since last update with 1 million + donation?

@andrew @alpheon

This is during a single week, or on a single task? If they donated during the server issues we’ve had over the last few days, it’s possible that an error has occured while they were donating and lost the rewards. If the latter has happened, open a ticket with our support team and they’ll get the player their missed rewards. :slight_smile:

I believe it was in one sitting. Repeatedly completing tasks one after another

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It was in 1 time, I mean in 5 minutes completing tasks over and over.
Other members received rewards without problems.
I think he opened a ticket about that now.

edit: it was after server issue (tuesday evening GMT)

As a side issue, and as a member of the same guild, I had a bug last weekend where my guild reward claim screen was blank under the glory keys. After clearing a few tasks it remained blank while the gems value did not increase. I didnt put in a support ticket, probably too late now.

I wouldn’t say it’s too late mate. I’ve had a refund from the whole debacle around the hero class bug, which one is actually active etc. In the confusion I’d trained up the necromancer class by mistake after watching tacet’s video, and they refunded me the 4150 souls this morning. This was from around 8 weeks ago maybe?

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Oh right. I may stick one in and see if they can check it out then!

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