A Bug named ...Kevin?


So I worked a long snow shift Monday, and didn’t get home until after 1:00am Tuesday morning. Though quite tired, I decided to try and get my ranking at least up some, if not to rank 1 before getting some sleep.

… Somewhere around rank 6?, I came across ‘Kevin’ … At first I didn’t notice, probably because I was so darn tired, but the match was over with one skull match? Then the next… I realized they were only using one troop, and worse, I believe it was the same team/person? (I didn’t actually see the troop that was taken out the first couple times, and some might find this strange, but I don’t always look at the other team’s lineup, since it really doesn’t matter to me who they are since I play the board itself and was using my soul team of Treant/Alchemist/Valkyrie/Banshee. And since it’s usually pretty much the same variation of a small group of characters anyhow. So unless I’m having issues getting the mana I need, I may then check the other team just to try to deny them theirs until I get mine) But it seemed that no matter what I did, this ‘Kevin’ was just STILL THERE! Sometimes I won money, other times nothing? But he wouldn’t leave my queue, constantly showing as someone who attacked me?

Ok, before anyone ask, no, I wasn’t hitting the revenge button to keep getting this ‘Kevin’. I was hitting the invade button, and Kevin just kept appearing!?! :rage:… I was getting pissed at this point, because though I was trying to get my ranking to 1, I wasn’t able to farm any souls fighting a single troop. But it wouldn’t give me anyone else? Stranger still, is that when I first noticed ‘Kevin’, he was only using the Hero in the top slot. But then after a few matches 3/4/5? it changed over to a single Boar Rider? :confused: Now this stumped me. I figured if it was a glitch, how the hell did the team member change? … I did make it to Rank 1, and even got to play a couple other ‘FULL’ teams other then ‘Kevin’, but after just 3 matches or so, it went back to just …‘Kevin’. - So I just gave up and went to bed.

The next day, with high hopes that ‘Kevin’ was finally gone? - Nope, he’s still there, and weirder still, his team now consist of two troops. Both the Hero and Boar Rider? :confounded: I have no clue?

I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this? I could swear I read a thread a while back where someone had a similar issue where someone couldn’t get a person out of revenge section, but can’t seem to find anything on it now? I guess I will have to make a call out to the folks who handle the console version, but like I said, just wanted to know if this was a common issue, or if I just got lucky. :smile:



I’m looking forward to Kevin’s post about always fighting this guy named Dave…


Haha… Yeah, that would be funny. :slightly_smiling:


There was a similar issue on PC, but that was a guy stuck in a revenge list. We think we may have a fix for that in 1.0.9.

Have you tried skipping past him?

For the time being I suggest contacting 505 Game support (http://support.505games.com/support/home) and asking them to look into this. Hopefully they may be able to help you stop seeing him.

We had to manually remove the other guy in the PC version from the revenge list.


Nice, easy trophies.


Trophies are worthless at this point.


Thank you ma’am. I knew I had read a similar thread here. - And yes, when I got home yesterday from work there were two others shown in my revenge section, so I was able to select them, leaving ‘Kevin’ still in the top slot. Before he was the only one, so at this point, he is only taking up a spot really. But I will be reaching out to @505GamesSupport today.

I made sure not to click on him for fear of the repeating battle thing to start again!
Thanks again. :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, but I’m more into soul farming then trophies myself. Plus, it also gets quite aggravating having to play the same team of one, over and over and over. … Can’t imagine anyone enjoying that.


If you are into soul farming 1 man enemy team is the best you can get. He won’t beat you with that troop and you can fire valk any number of times you chose too. As an added extra you get really easy gold for chests purchasing which further helps with souls (you can disenchant if I’m big need of souls, and you can even get souls straight away).


If he uses a team with banshee and valk though, as he stated, a single enemy wont last too long. Add 1 or 2 accidential skull drops and a single banshee cast and the match is over, not quite much time to cast valk a few times =P


Exactly. :point_up: And it wasn’t fun in the least, and you would spend more time trying not to accidentally kill the only troop you’re facing. I don’t try to run a set real long, but do like to max souls when possible. Especially since I’m still on the older version, where the soul cap is 70 right now. And I believe this 'Kevin" is only at level 13? So yeah, not very strong either.


Soul cap is at 40, in any version there is. You get more based of multipliers, but cap is at 40. And I am still behind what I said about 1 man enemy when using valk.


Sorry, guess I should have stated 70 souls is the best I can get per match with Spider Armor. Or 60 with Dragon, so as to pick up extra gold at the same time.


I had this bug happen to me a month or so ago. Had a guy pop up in revenge list that showed as level 12, even though his true level was 100+. When I clicked on him in revenge list, nothing would happen. When I click on invade, that person would instantly pop up without it searching for an opponent. When I scouted him, it showed a normal lineup with a few legendary cards. When I go into the match, it would only have 1 card, the hero card. Which would die in 1 skull match. No matter how many times I would beat him, he wouldn’t disappear from the revenge list. It went away after the following days reset. I’m on the One.


Yeah, I was hoping for the same, that he would be gone the next day after the reset. But he’s still there now, or was as of last night. So this is like the 3rd day. … I did contact @505GamesSupport and put in a ticket yesterday, to which they already contacted me back and will be looking into it.

But yep, sounds just the same. Wouldn’t let me click on him to revenge, but as soon as I clicked invade, it put him in as you describe above. But it kept doing this afterwards? Only thing I didn’t do was scout him as you did to see if it was like you say, being his proper level wasn’t showing. … Just hope they can get him taken out of my queue.