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A big THANK YOU on my own behalf to all of you!

Hello everybody! Since roughly one maybe two weeks my little YouTube channel is “skyrocketed” a bit. New subscribers and “a lot” (for my relations) more views at my videos now. I’m really happy about it and I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who likes my videos and of course a special THANK YOU to all who subscribed to my little channel. I will try my best to keep it up and maybe improve something. Maybe I will try it with voice overs as well in the future. English isn’t my native language and I didn’t have a microphone right now, but maybe it’s fun. OK, that’s it for the moment. Once again THANK YOU so much everybody.

For everyone who didn’t know my YouTube channel, you can check it out here…


Now that this sneaky advertisement showed in my ‘suggested topics’, I’ll check you out.^^

Hehe, so it works :wink:

But seriously I really wanted to say THANK YOU to all my new subscribers and viewers. Sure, if this post helps a bit to get a few more subscribers / viewers why not? I mean, it’s really a little channel with only a few videos where I’m playing GoW. I mainly recorded all those videos for my guild mates. There is nothing commercial behind it or something.

I like how you use some low rarity troops in your battles, your videos can seriously help many players in earlier stages of the game. I believe your videos can be improved if you are willing to/can make some comments during the same, it not only would helps to explain some of your teams concepts and strenghts but it also adds more appeal to the viewers, it honestly makes any video 100% better in a subconscious level. So, if you have a micro make some tests and maybe try your hand at editing the videos.

And if it’s a matter of shyness just remember: We’ve been enduring @Tacet’s “Heeeelloooo everyone!!!” every single time for years, so you’ll be just fine. :wink:

Also, @Saltypatra could surely consider some codes for your videos to help your channel grow, and as it grows some more codes could be given eventually. Maybe one code a week for start and once you reach a certain number of subscribers it could be two codes a weeks and so on. I’ll leave the details up to her.

@FourEyes, i believe you could be interested in following this channel, there are some teams that you surely could try out.


You are welcome. :slight_smile:

@Razzagor: Thank you for your answer! Sounds great! Yes, I know that if would speak some comments to the video it would make my videos much better. As said english isn’t my native language (I’m german) and I didn’t speak english so much. So, have to try it first, I really don’t know if I will like it at the end, but yes, maybe it’s fun. So, first of all I have to buy a mic. I’m very sorry, but what do you mean with codes for my videos? I don’t have any clue what’s meant with that. BTW, I know Tacet of course, but I only watched two of his videos (one explaining the loot table of legendary tasks and a newer one with a preview of the pet feature) in total right now hahaha (sorry!)

@Eika: Thanks :slight_smile:

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Even if you use your native language i’m sure it could reach some more viewers, and if you try editing your videos you could maybe add some subtitles if it means you can be more comfortable speaking in your own language during your videos.

There are some game codes that can be used on PC or Mobile Plataforms, they are a sequence of letters that when used in this site: https://gemsofwar.com/game-code/ can be redeemed giving you some in-game rewards. Things like Treasure Maps, Gold, Traitstones and Gem Keys.

They are a great tool for the developers to show some appreciation for each youtuber/streamer making content about GoW, they have a scaling uselfullness because they attract more and more people to watch/follow videos. Everyone wins, the players get some extra resources, the streamers/youtubers get more followers and the devs have more divulgation about their game which certainly brings more customers.

Oh wow! OK. That codes thing sounds official :wink: Seems like I have to spent more time in the future to edit my videos and so on. But, yes, it’s fun for me recording the videos and if I can help other players to improve their game or simply having more fun with the game I’m really happy :slight_smile:
So, OK, will see what’s coming next, will buy a mic this weekend or at the beginning of next week then. And thank you again!

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Great work! Always nice to see more YouTube content for the game.


Thanks for pointing me towards this, @Razzagor!

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@Tacet: Thanks and nice to meet you the first time :wink:

I love me some Youtube content. If you decide to start streaming send me a message and I can get your come codes. :slight_smile:


@Saltypatra: Hi! Thanks for your message! I will first buy a microphone and try to see if I like it that way. You have to know I’m more the text guy. And yes, recently I tried my first live streaming, never did that before but it worked. But had some sound echo and so on, so I think there is a lot of finetuning and a lot more to learn for me all around video / streaming. But thanks that you like it and that you want to do a “cooperation” with me :slight_smile:


@Razzagor: Yesterday night I messed around with video editing tools. Never used such programs before and it took a few hours to get into it. I created / edited my first video now with some text. I think it’s OK for my first try, have to learn more about video and this whole stuff. But thanks for the tip editing the videos. I don’t think I will editing my already uploaded videos but for the future I will try to edit new videos of course.

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You did a great job, the video is great and very informative. Once you get a better hang of the new tools you are using you’ll surely have more options of content to show like tutorials, team compositions and such.

Keep up te good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright. I bought a microphone now (finally). Yes, I know, it was a time ago, but I was busy with some other stuff. But now I took all my courage I had and did this. Phew, was really nervous but I hope it’s OK for my first try with voice.


Congrats on your first video usig a microphone! You did well with your english, i hope to see more videos and i’m sure more people will get more interested now that we can hear your voice. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: