A 4 hour video of a 400+ Treasure Hunt performance

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that… I can see there are definitely uses and this week is one of them given that I need 90 Venoms ore something outrageous like that.

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Can you elaborate on this one a little bit? I see Krudler had the same response in his video as I did when I read this? :confused:

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Yeah I did not make it clear. I wanted to say that I prioritize taking troublesome match3s near the bottom of the board over taking an obvious match4 at the top that gives me no followup match5s. Sometimes the said match3 can lead to a cascade match4 or even a match5.

This is related to the concept of board homogeneity, which means a group of gems consists of mostly two colors of adjacent tiers, such as silver and gold, or gold and sack etc. These are usually the hot spot for cascades.

Hey @Karma… ok I know I’m pushing my luck here and you certainly don’t owe me this, but I finally put my best foot forward and tried to do a legit run. Perhaps it would be easier to watch for a minute and point out a few blunders that I don’t even realize I’m doing? Even though I did heavy editing with over 90 video cuts/transitions, I would never expect you to watch the whole 20+ minutes!!!

A decent Treasure Hunt run - 108 Moves