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7 million gold in 4weeks

Got 8000 trophies, 2 people joined so far, guild level 46, ranked just over 200, moving up fast by myself. Join (Glitchin To The Top ) or leave your invite code,most active playing the game now

I want to call bull on getting that much gold in 4 weeks but that is only 250,000 a day so i guess it might be swingable if you have high kingdoms and play pvp.

I don’t believe him. My friend and I have been playing an average of 2-4 hours a day for well over a month now and we just got to Silver 2 in guild ranking with a little over 500 trophies. Sounds like a scam to me to get attention.

I also believe its a scam, in 4 weeks 8000 trophies, that’s 2000 trophies a week, that’s 667 trophies per player. That’s to much, even for a constant playing. 300-400 would be more realistic.

I got 368 trophies so far this week

If it is only one person playing that would be 285 trophies every day for 4 weeks.

March 29th when i started my own guild, so more like 5 weeks, I’ve got 8277 trophies and 7,318,201 gold contributed. The other 2 players just joined.Rank 193 now got 730 trophies this week, I b in top 100 soon