( Guild Found ) New but active player looking for top 100 guild can contribut 100k gold 1500 seals 100+ trophies

please let me know your guild stats and ill post my invite code

i hit the 1500 seals easily and make 100k + gold a day . stil working on my kingdoms but can make the stated requirements easily

How many trophy can you gain per week.

ive been playing for 5 days and ony done pvp for a day and a half and have over 200 trophiesbut i can focus more on pvp if i have to

You mean can gain 800+ trophies per week?You can
go to my post have a look if you want to join a very active guild.

You on PC/Mobile? Or Console? (and if Console, which Console?)

its probly more like 300 trophies , and im playing on mobile and pc

ok fellas ive got a giuld invite coming thanks for the responses

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