6.4 broken game

Why 2 days ago could I play mostly unhindered but since the latest update the game now loads seemingly forever?

Just took a video of entering my Guild menu and although I cannot post it on here for some reason as mp4 it took nearly 18 seconds to enter.

Tried to donate gold to my guild, this took over 30 seconds.

I play on the xbox one S and while I hope this is isolated to just me I am guessing it is not.

Was this not tested or did the “crunch” mean they had to release it even bent and broken as it is?

Cannot even delete my account because it is not an option yet on Xbox, or I frankly would if I now have to turn what used to be an hour after reset doing the basics into double that.

I think many of us are experiencing similar additional lag. Churning out endless new content without upgrading server performance/capacity is unsustainable and the game is demonstrating this issue consistently.

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Yes this is broken. Can’t catch a pet gnome since the update so I hate this update

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