5.6 Patch Notes (Gnome-a-Palooza)

Could I please get information on which game modes are experiencing this skull damage bug in?

Is definitely happening in Explore on PlayStation too.

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I don’t see it mentioned in the notes but Lycanthropy gems are now being converted when purple gems are converted. This is a good thing.


Could we please get information about which game modes the changes were tested in?

How could the “fix” for banner count possibly get screwed up so bad?

How was the new skull damage calculation verified and validated?

Was feedback from the beta testers included in the decision to introduce the mana-drain mechanic on board reset?


I reproduced this in delves and E1 so far with a variety of teams. It seems that it’s not just double skull damage. Any match the AI makes while on game speed x2-x4 is doubled. Game speed x1-x1.5 are not affected. I believe the AI receives double mana, does double skull damage, and does single skull damage through barrier. The animation still shows the single skull damage amount while doing double damage, which would also imply it’s triggering twice.


Thank you for this additional information @Skszp.

Another quick question, is this troop specific or all troops on the AI’s side? I just want to confirm it’s every troop for the devs.

While testing, I reproduced it repeatedly through a couple complete delve runs before switching to E1 to continue. I saw double skull damage triggered by probably at least a dozen different troops.


Also happening in the world event battles, on PC/Steam.

edit: Only the AI, by the way. My skull damage is not doubled, with hero or regular troop in 1st slot.


Thanks for the continued updates.

So this is affecting all AI troops on 2x-4x speed.

What game modes are you encountering it in? Earlier it looked to just be explore, but now there are reports in Delves and world event battles. Are there any game modes this is not currently affecting?

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This bug happens in PvP on Android as well. The enemy team did double skull damage against me.

5.6 from the patch notes looks awesome. And I know this isn’t Salty’s fault and she is just getting info for the team, but the lack of proper testing… Yikes. To be honest, we the community shouldn’t be reporting this. We are not paid QA. We are finding these issues quickly with normal gameplay. I was debating not responding that this also happens in PvP because someone else gets paid to do this.

I don’t know why this (community reporting easily discoverable bugs) keeps happening. Maybe the process needs to change, better QA hired, I dont know.

Another update, another round of keeping my wallet away. Improve the testing, and I’ll pay again.


by the way, Thursday is the 15th…


A +1 to seeing it in delves; just played my dailies on Android and got hit by it in all 3.

In my collection it only shows 5 Banners now (only warbands?)


We do testing of the core gameplay for each update to ensure something like this doesn’t happen. We also opened the beta earlier than usual and asked the beta testers to pay particular attention to the core gameplay on the gemboard, no one picked it up either from external, internal QA or the beta test.

We do our best prior to releasing updates but having an update live with a large number of active players does tend to make issues more noticable just due to the number of users.

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This has been reported :slight_smile:

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well, your process sucks. Every single update in recent memory has had major game-breaking bugs on multiple platforms. Skull damage, lycanthropy crashes, broken weapons, broken images, broken faction maps… there is literally no amount of testing on display. I’ve been waiting and hoping for a sign that the game is going to be fun again, and this was not it. I think I’m done waiting.

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It’s not a bug, they specifically designed it to make you suffer.

Also, by saying ‘better QA hired’, you’re implying that they hire any QA at all, which is very unlikely. More likely they just don’t test anything at all and then lie about doing tests, like they lie about literally everything.

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Disclaimer: I am thinking out loud, but don’t know the internal workings of IP2.

Curious now that the bug is known, if it is reproducible in beta or internal testing servers. If not, could be the current build wasn’t tested, but an older one was. (Been there done that, definitely an OHNO cringe moment when it happened.) This could be a symptom of not having long enough regression testing phase.

This issue happened earlier this year with the EoE bug. It was reported as fixed in a patch except it wasn’t, so lycan had to be removed again. But, the testing server supposedly had it working.

Could be something is out of sync?

I’m concerned about the board reset with mana reset…

i dont know what kind of heroic gem you guys will introduce but you guys should also increase the board size if you’re introducing new gem type

I’m so glad you finally fixed the incorrect banner and pet counter. :thinking: