5.6 Patch Notes (Gnome-a-Palooza)

Seems to only be in 4x speed and yes it’s double damage from skull hits. Others in my guild are reporting that two troops died to a single skull hit in Arena (4x speed) so is skull dmg bleeding over to the next troop (like Trample dmg in MTG)?


Thanks for replying, please let me know what console you are on @Emos. Our team are looking into this and as much information as possible will help us.


As you can see the skull hit should only hit for 15 but it kills the full health (20 total) Peasant outright.

I’m on IOS but Steam players are reporting it too

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Android/PC/iOS , @Saltypatra

Game works fine in 2x, sometimes in 3x never in 4x.

In 4x speed, all skull hits are amplified. In Arena, apparently, the skull damage to the first troop is bleeding over to the second troop too. Like it carries over.

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Thank you so much for you help, it’s greatly aprpeciated. Our team is seeing what they can do as we speak.


If you take a careful look at the hit animation it appears to hit for the “normal” 15 dmg first then immediately hits again for 5 killing the Peasant

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Another one. 16 health troop dies to a single skull hit from an 8 attack troop.


@Saltypatra What is the drop rate for these gnomes? They are epic rarity so I imagine harder to find than common gnomes?


@Saltypatra If it helps…

And here’s an example of skull dmg “trampling” on to the next troop


Hmm, I don’t see anything wrong with skull damage on either PC (Steam) or Android.
Playing at 4x in Arena and PvP.

After some more tinkering - I found the bug as well.
Player matching skulls against AI is fine.
AI matching skulls against player gives double damage.


I’m seeing the double skull damage on PC/Steam at 4x speed: a Volcanic Golem in L12 Broken Spire explore ripping through my entire team with skull hits that should not have one-shotted them but did.

(Also saw it do the double-kill a couple of times.)

There was another issue reported recently that was specific to 4x speed I think?

Could I please get information on which game modes are experiencing this skull damage bug in?

Is definitely happening in Explore on PlayStation too.

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I don’t see it mentioned in the notes but Lycanthropy gems are now being converted when purple gems are converted. This is a good thing.


Could we please get information about which game modes the changes were tested in?

How could the “fix” for banner count possibly get screwed up so bad?

How was the new skull damage calculation verified and validated?

Was feedback from the beta testers included in the decision to introduce the mana-drain mechanic on board reset?


I reproduced this in delves and E1 so far with a variety of teams. It seems that it’s not just double skull damage. Any match the AI makes while on game speed x2-x4 is doubled. Game speed x1-x1.5 are not affected. I believe the AI receives double mana, does double skull damage, and does single skull damage through barrier. The animation still shows the single skull damage amount while doing double damage, which would also imply it’s triggering twice.


Thank you for this additional information @Skszp.

Another quick question, is this troop specific or all troops on the AI’s side? I just want to confirm it’s every troop for the devs.

While testing, I reproduced it repeatedly through a couple complete delve runs before switching to E1 to continue. I saw double skull damage triggered by probably at least a dozen different troops.