4 Gold Stars, Not Worth It


Why is the four gold star kingdom reward so low? I have opened thousands upon thousands of keys since the update and done a decent amount of traitstone farming only to have 7 one gold stars, 8 two gold stars, and 5 three gold stars. I have been trying to distribute traitstones evenly to try to get as many three star kingdoms as possible. The fourth reward of +50 gold per day seems so small compared to 2x tribute chance at three stars and 2x attributes at 5 stars. At minimum, I feel like four stars should be +100 gold per day. Even then the three star reward will still be better than the four star reward, but at least it wouldn’t be completely horrible.


ah you want to give me work ( joke) , I will remake the table.
but it is true that the 50 gold gain is low for 4 stars


I suppose it’s just a step on the path towards the 5-star rewards… and 50 gold a day times by 20 kingdoms is an extra 1000 a day, which sounds a lot… and in 2023 when I unlock them all, I will have more to spend them on, I guess!


I just feel like it should be slightly higher due to the abundance of resources required to reach it in each kingdom. An example of the MINIMUM requirement for 4 gold stars is:

  • Have all 8 troops of a kingdom
  • Have all 8 troops max ascended
  • Have all 8 troops max leveled to level 20
  • Have 16 of the 24 possible traits unlocked

I am currently 40 exp away from 4 gold stars in Karakoth being held back by 4 max ascension levels or 2 traits, neither of which I have much interest in getting for it is better just to wait until all the 5 star resources are accumulated.


why not replace to gain of glory
example : +2 glory
has this course we will need more traits , so runes, and the glory chest could be useful
just a thought …


The main reason I say more gold is for invasion purposes. Gold can be stolen. Higher leveled players are more likely to have 4 star kingdoms. This means people that invade these higher leveled players will get an even larger reward.


Agree with the 100 minimum. Having it as a stepping stone means nobody will be bothered until either they can reach 5 stars or they coincidentally are nearly at 4 anyhow. Having it be worth getting is better… Glory would be fine, more gold would be fine (or lots more). For that matter, turn it into a daily traitstone or two (or attach it to tributes from that city), we know we all need more of those.

I have 5 one stars, 12 two stars and 3 three stars. Most of what is holding me back at the moment (beyond souls I guess) is ‘Oh, I need to get traits for… three epics… hell no.’

As long as we’re on the subject, changing the 2 star bonus to be different wouldn’t be too bad either. Seeing as it, and 4 stars, are identical to the BASE reward. Not interesting OR rewarding, although admittedly 2 stars is far easier to view as a stepping stone.


I believe the main reason 2 and 4 gold stars are gold is for invasion purposes. Aside from the natural gold scaling from level difference, there is the additional scaling based off of how many troops, levels, and traits the enemy has. If 2 and 4 gold stars were something other than gold, it would reduce their invade-ability likelihood. The gold buffers is basically the attempt at scaling that with a reward for invaders. Replacing it would just be beneficial to the higher leveled person who would accumulate even more better resources, rather than the lower player looking for an invade. It would also indirectly help scale the invasion gold reward for a level 200 in a top notch guild from a level 200 with a lot less resources. Invading the level 200 who already has a lot would give a better reward than the person who doesn’t due to the level 2 and 4 gold star gold.


I keep forgetting to think of it that way.

OK, so maybe 2 stars can be 75 up from 50 and 4 stars can be 100 up from 50… Or ignore 2 stars.


or you could change it to 50 gold +10 glory, and have it possible to steal 2 glory from them in addition.

I know this feels like an unnecessary coding challenge, but it would still be pretty good incentive to attack them