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4-starring a kingdom should have a better bonus than +50 gold

I was just thinking about how getting a kingdom to 4 stars has a very low incentive, other than to power it through to 5 stars. It would be nice if there was a more important reward than +50 gold. While this is a permanent daily bonus, you can easily get 3k gold in a single PvP match. Anyone with a 4 star kingdom is likely not in dire need of more gold, at least not such a small amount.

I would suggest a change to the 4* bonus, such as

  • 150 gold (still not great, but it least it’s a proportionately improved reward for the difficulty involved in getting a kingdom to 4 stars)

  • 1 random traitstone (for people who have 4* all kingdoms this could be OP though getting an average of over 4 traitstones every hour for a fully maxed kingdom)

  • 10 glory (glory is the most coveted resource, and an easier way to get glory would seem like a much more satisfying reward when leveling up something to 4*

  • 5-10% chance of a “double” tribute, which would stack with the 1 gold star bonus and home kingdom bonus if it happens to trigger on your home kingdom.

  • 1 glory/gem key each time the city tributes (even a gold key would be an improvement over 50 gold, but not nearly as exciting as a glory/gem key)

Alternatively, maybe there could be some separate system that takes the total number of stars in your kingdom that could provide an added incentive to 4*. And yes, I realize that the 5* bonus is REALLY good and there will probably be people out there saying that the 4* reward isn’t great because the 5* is so good, but I would disagree that we should throwaway the 4* bonus to a mere 50 gold just due to that fact



I say 100 or 150 Gold is sufficient

I thought the 10 glory was a splendid idea!!!


Let’s keep it practical.

100 gold wouldn’t be bad instead of 50.
If I were doing Glory, maybe 5 per day. May not sound like much but that is potentially 100+ a day which is not insignificant.
Souls? Maybe 10 a day. Again, potentially 200+ a day give a nice boost that can add up over the week.


You’re right, 5 glory is probably more practical. With a fully maxed kingdom averaging 4.2 tributes per hour that is over 20 glory per hour extra. As for gold I would still probably say 100 is too low.

Isnt that particular tribute a once a day thing (and guaranteed). So every day you would get 5 glory * No. of 4 star kingdoms

That’s not what I was envisioning but it’s an interesting approach.

Not quite.

These bonuses are the guaranteed amount you would get each day. That initial gold amount you see before any tributes are added. So if that 50 gold was changed to 5 glory, over the course of the day you would get 5 glory total from that 1 kingdom. If all 21 kingdoms are 4* at the least and you signed in 24 hours after you last one, you’d see the initial amounts would show 105 glory and then tribute bonuses kick in.

Again doesn’t sound like much but in this scenario you gain 735 guaranteed glory a week for just signing in once a day. That is quite a bit for doing nothing.

Edit: so ninjaed. But we could post it under feature requests.

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Yeah, I was envisioning the bonus would just be part of the regular tribute rewards and not the guaranteed stuff. But making it a one-time guaranteed bonus would be a good approach too (far less rewarding, but 20/hr might be too OP…not that most of us have any 4* kingdoms let alone all kingdoms that high)

Well you still need 8 troops minimum to get to 4*.

It should definitely be worth something other than 50 gold. I like the idea of having it worth say 5 or 10 souls.


50 souls…

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Um… I always thought that Tributes were calculated per HOUR on my device, not 4.2+ multiple times per hour… Is that the way it’s supposed to work?!?

Also, those additional Gold amounts are calculated as cumulative per kingdom (obviously). It would be nice if that 4* star could give an additional chance probability of 3 to 5 souls per kingdom, though.
Because as you know, spending 22,000 gold on 100 souls makes little sense in terms of time and effort well spent.

It does seem very week for the amount of effort involved

1 Silver Star +50 (same)
2 Gold Stars +100 (double)
4 Gold Stars +150 (triple)

Kingdom cumulative per Day Bonus
Old total: +150 Gold
Proposed: +300 Gold


Either way isn’t it a paltry sum by the time you get there? It’s always struck me as a point you pass through between 3* and 5* rewards and I don’t think 150 extra gold per day per kingdom (3k extra gold… or 2 PvP battles!) changes that.


Perhaps, Just trying to be super conservative with the proposals…

Rather than 4 Gold Stars all Troops gain Devour, and Empowered! (jk)


They are calculated per hour…as in, every hour, it takes your total number of kingdoms and multiplies it by the odds that they will tribute. So if you have everything maxed, that’s 21 chances at 20% each…which comes out to an average of 4.2 kingdoms giving tribute every hour.

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Tribute loot is computed more often then every hour, it only appears for collection once every hour though. You’ll get a bit more gold to pick up if you gather it 75 minutes instead 60 minutes later.

I don’t really appreciate the phrase ‘for doing nothing’. A player must do quite a bit in the first place to get kingdoms to 4 stars don’t you think? It’s like saying a retiree collecting a pension gets money for doing nothing.

I also think one of the star slots should be allocated to glory income. Even a small amount is better than 50 gold. Better yet, tie it to VIP status. 50 gold for standard players, with a switch to an amount of glory at a determined VIP level. Let’s face it, the VIP bonuses could use a rework. I’m a level 5 VIP and the paltry 100 gold and 2 glory keys a day is laughable after spending $130 to get there. We could work glory rewards into the kingdom bonuses for people who support the game.