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4.9 Update

For me…

Not so much…

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I opened the game after update and got


Meanwhile Xbox One Achievements are late. Again.

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I bought the growth pack 2 and got no rewards but i did get vip xp…something buggy here?

Daily Deals

Basic Supply - -
Advanced Supply - -
Troop Booster - -
Army Booster - -
Combo - -
Kingdom Helper - -
Common Troops - -
Ingot Offer - [20] -
Ingot Bounty - -
Clan Offer - -
Orb Supply - -
Vault Offer - -
VIP Offer - -
Epic Medal Offer - -
Legendary Medal Offer - -
Orb of Power - -

Looking for info on those Daily Deals if anyone has them

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100 gold for a 30 second ad is insulting. We were told itd be equivalent to 30 seconds of gameplay. In whose mind is this acceptable?


Please use this link to contact us if you have purchase issues:

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I got 2 Glory Keys

Same problem you have with growth pack and im over 1400

Kafka it wont let me use my email thats linked to my account

So the new daily offers mirror the current deals in that 90-95% of them are 100% not worth getting.
I don’t know why I was expecting anything different. But I was.


Straight up a “loot box” that will fall under the new drop rate rules. @Nimhain


I can’t wait to get another 100 gold in 8 hours. Tell me, how much money did you make off me watching that ad?


That Templar for $24.99 is a deal of a lifetime though!!!

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So is it too early to ask what our compensation is for not actually getting a real update?

When’s 4.9.5? I’ve already consumed all the content.


I guess in some(?) fairness, it seems like it wasn’t that long since the last update.

Not every update will contain new game modes, and it’s been that way for a while. Our biggest updates are when we move up numbers, so the next big update with new features will be 5.0. :slight_smile:

There was an error made in the number of kingdom pets in bundles, and has been changed to reflect what is actually in them. So the correct number is 6, not 12. I apologise for this.


I’m going to social distance myself from these patch notes. I don’t want to spread my disappointment.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: When you think the summit is reached but it continues higher :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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