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4.9.5 Hotfix

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/4-9-5-hotfix/

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve had a small update come out today across several platforms (platforms like iOS are currently waiting for this update to release, which may not be until next week). This update is primarily to release several bug fixes for the game. We’ve changed the display order in the…


Devs finally admit Gems of War is a Gacha game.


Looking forward to seeing less exclamation marks from the offer menu.


You should have fixed it the other way. There is so little you can spend money on with any decent value. Now with no repeating mythics this was worth purchasing a few times. Just bad business sense.


On iOS, the game gives a new version error on startup. Does this mean that mobile or iOS, at least, is unplayable for a week?

RESOLVED: See Salty’s post below.

I play mostly on PC, but mah tributes!

Strange. I just restarted my game on iOS to test, and didn’t get an error.

Glad the devs are focused on what’s important.

Much appreciated.

Related, this specific change has corrected the issue where you would go and buy a glory pack troop and the currently displayed to you was always gems, so thats a good side benefit. However, it did not fix the issue where if you were interested in purchasing treasure maps or souls with glory, and you had already bought 10 Spoils of War packs, the currency displayed is still gems. This is likely because the resource displayed in the upper right is always whatever is associated with the cost of the first item is on a given menu and doesn’t matter if you look at an item that costs a different resource.

If you haven’t bought out spoils of war:

If you have:

This also means that, if you haven’t bought out Spoils of War pack for the week (as would be unlikely with any early gamer that would even consider gems to souls/gold conversion), you’ll always still display glory when looking at these:

The simplest fix would probably be for all items that cost glory to be placed on their own tab so the display is always correct. Wait…

Joking aside, if the any given shop tab is going to contain offers that cost different types of resources mashed together, the resource counter in the upper right corner of the screen needs to be adaptive at the very least based on the most recent item selected.


I tried again now and just got this. Even rebooted the game.

@Kafka Does this merit a bug report?

RESOLVED: See Salty’s post below.

Smallest ninja update ever :exploding_head:

Thought of QoL for 4.9.5 - Ok, at least 5.0 is now the next one.
3.0 = Guild Wars
4.0 = Underworld
I liked .0 Versions… so far

@Megaqwerty if you’re playing on PC and updated on PC and played, then opened the game on your mobile, you will need to update on mobile too (in other words you need to be playing the same game version on any device you play the same account on)

It will take some time for the update to propagate across all regions on each store so if you’re not seeing the update on iOS yet, check again in a couple of hours.

(platforms like iOS are currently waiting for this update to release, which may not be until next week)

I think is the best patch ever made realeased mid gw and also I can’t play outside if I open 1 time the game on pc… for maybe 3 days…


We have fixed the issue with IOS, so the old version can still be played at the same time as the newer PC version, in case the update hasn’t propagated yet.

Please restart your devices and let us know if you continue to experience any issues.


Thanks for the fix! Now I can play with older version

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Yeah I can’t wait until the Adventure Packs are gone.

I want to give the daily deals a chance, but I find myself relying on the exclamation mark to tell me if I looked at them already. Since the exclamation marks keeps reappearing, I just find myself not checking the daily deal.


Good. Carry on.

So originally I stuck up for the devs about their new offers deal.
But this is straight up taking advantage of ignorant players. Even 10 gem keys would screw the player over. (If I’m remembering right that 15 gems = 1 gem key.)

Thanks for the education @TheIdleOne. :grinning:


We’ve had Expert Supply since day 1 of 4.9. It has to be in the top 3 worst offers


It was only 5 gem keys the whole time?
Do you recall what the “army” supply one was?