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4.9 Update

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/4-9-update/

Daily Deals have been added to the Offers menu, replacing the Bundles section. Bundles will continue to be available in the Weekly Event Tab in the Shop. (They haven’t been removed). Daily Deals will contain 3 different offers that players will receive: Player Level Offers: These offers contain different items based on a player’s level.…


Thanks as always! <3

4.9 the Monetization update. :grinning:


I hope there’s a disclaimer somewhere that indicates that Xathenos and Zuul’Goth cannot be obtained this way. If they can then cool. But I assume that’s not the case.


An excellent update to replenish the money of the company, Donat update is exactly what people expected))
you can immediately see in what plan the game began to develop, we listen to people less, we add more spending money for people more


Wow—awesome! People have wanted this forever, so it’s nice to see.

The medals being added to the legendary/mythic upgrades is also cool. Still too rich for my blood, but neat nonetheless.


for once, some good money options. I may not partake, but I know some people that will


Update is 600 MB? That’s mighty big for a GoW update.

very, if there is a donation structure in it, before that there was no such amount of updating))

Small QoL suggestion:

This is the screen I see when I click on 1 of my offers. Instead of having 1 Item on the right and 1 on the left, have them all on 1 side listed. It took me a bit to realise that I wasnt just buying souls.


Not quite 600

Still waiting on the update to Tuesday delve event the devs promised us. Here’s to hoping for 5.0.


Weird Daily Deal artifact:

Thanks for offering me Ultra-Rare ingots to “Help Stormheim towards Power Level 18”. All my Ultra-Rare weapons have been upgraded to max a long time ago though, I’d rather buy the unreleased troop that’s keeping me from reaching power level 18. :wink:


How to unlock the “Keeping up with the Krakens” trophy?
I have more than 200 social items.
Just bought one portrait to trigger the trophy but still no luck.

It’s 1.354 GB on PS4.

Very curious to see how they’ve priced medals in the daily offers, and what players decide each medal is worth. (Just talking about the gem costs here.)

Sorry for the large download. The art assets were rebuilt to fix some visual issues which means they need to be downloaded again :frowning:

We try to avoid doing this as much as possible but at some point it needed to be done.


If they think a Medal of Gaard is worth 100 gems (see above), I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


nice ! at least no game changes , so noone did something wrong noone wants to brag i hope !!!
nice littel update :slight_smile: hope your guys doing a okay

only Question is do we get the Chance to BUY the “lvl up offer” # hunt down those orb of power !

smile and wave, the developers gave the update rejoice))) well, think about donat, well, think we didn’t want that)) that they gave it and eat
wake up, the game is heading for donat spending to pay more, there is no hope for 5.0

I just earned this trophy on PS4 by leveling a kingdom to 11 with deeds. Haven’t been able to earn the “Kingdom Level 10” trophy yet.

Edit: Got the Kingdom Power Level trophy by using an ascension orb to increase a random kingdom’s level. Not sure if people who have all kingdoms maxed can earn it before Friday.

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