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[Please contact support] Where are Expert/Master Adventurer’s Packs?

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/Mobile (iOS/Steam)
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Adventurer’s Packs Tab has disappeared from Offers Menu. Expecting to see Expert or Master Adventurer’s Packs after New Adventurer’s Packs expired. (Yes I am higher than level 42)
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
3 days after 4.9 Update.
Steps to make it happen again
Closing/Opening the game.


I’m also missing those new Adventure Packs. And I see in other topic some people got them.

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Mine came back a few hours ago and brought the annoying exclamation mark with them.

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This is how offers looks like on my account:

I never saw “Growth” tab after latest update, but I saw first two Adventure Packs (Spinnerette and Sir Cygnea). Today Adventure Packs tab is gone completely.

I assume devs want to tell me, i’m putting too much money into the game, so it’s better not to offer me new things, because I might actually buy them! Thank you devs for caring so much about my healthy wallet! :rofl:

Try restarting maybe? My timer started right about the time I laid down for a nap a few hours ago.

I restarted the game many times already. I also verified game files. Nothing, still don’t have those!

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No Adventure Packs!!! Discontinued?

Expert Adventure packs just appeared on my account:

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I see the Expert on both of my accounts now. Other than the disappearing tab delay between an offer expiring and new one starting, I see the 3 day count down does not go by daily reset, but by whenever the offer was available on your particular account. Thanks for the input @Redi1 and @Angellore.

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I suspect something needs to happen to actually trigger those offers. Maybe levelling up? I’m at high level, so I do level up rarely. Maybe that triggered it?
But it looks like all is fine with those Adventure packs. I just thought they will trigger as soon as previous offers expire, but it looks like something else is causing new ones to actually show up.

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Experts and Masters know to never, ever buy the Adventurer’s Packs, because they are a rip off.

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Levelling up should trigger the packs, if it doesn’t let me know here.


Even though the the tab still disappears for around 12 hours, The Master Adventurer’s Packs did appear after the 3 days. I’m just not sure why it says I’ve already purchased Pack 1 when I have not. Thanks.

No mate. Leveling Up certainly didn’t trigger the Adventure Packs on. Also confirmed by another guildmate.

I have leveled up and I also do not see them.

I just still gotta laugh at the “discount”
Creating an hugely insane imaginary price in your head, then typing a slightly less insane price as discounted, doesn’t make it a sale

I have this old pencil with teeth marks I found on the ground, I think it’s worth $1000, but I like you so I’ll only charge $50 for it, how could u possibly resist my discounted price, it’s the sale of a lifetime!!!


The daily deals are a joke. Devs put together some good schemes to get new players to waste their gems early so they have to buy more.

No reason at all anyone should ever spend 200 gems for 2 Mythic Ingots when Delving gets you them for free.

Either way, the expert/master pack allows us to get Blue Orbs and Power orbs. I have 7 orbs of power and I want Zuul… since you can just buy him now (which is also going to piss off players that had to earn him) I reserve my right to do so LOL

I still see no Expert/Master pack, and I’ve gained two levels today.

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There are some very price smart daily deals. I’ve purchased several and have my eye on at least one or two more. The deals are what they are in every other mobile game, pay to skip. I’ve had offers for things that would be helpful if I didn’t feel like grinding a terrible class for a kingdom level for an afternoon and others that don’t quite work because the kingdom is locked behind a troop shortage. A lot of times the pets do equate to better value than purchasing them in the shop when the pet pops up, but that’s also pay to skip. Most of the time I don’t care if I have to wait 3 months for the pet because it doesn’t benefit me, but if I get to grab the last couple Minishrooms I need during goblin week and bump the kingdom that has been petlocked for ages that actually gives bonuses since I use an all-goblin team when I’m farming class XP occasionally, I’d be happy to dump 150 gems (no such luck on this one yet though).

They’ve sold orbs of power before for the same price alone and people have bought them. I don’t think anyone who paid $0 is going to be mad that someone bought him for $400 outright, either.

Some are good values:
the legion keys is good - you pay less on a per gem basis for those keys, than you would on the chest screen
pet the deals are probably pretty good too
the arcane/celestial offer would represent the best price for these in the game, I believe

The rest are jokes. The ingot offer is offensive lol.

If you’re having this issue please contact support so we can fix this for you. It’s an issue with the purchase limits not resetting on your account.

Here’s the link for contacting us, specifically about this issue:

EDIT: this time I put the correct link in the post - no matter if you already used the incorrect one.