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Micro-Transactions in GoW... Read before Grabbing your Pitchfork!

Ok, so I know that in the world of F2P, the term micro-transaction causes blood to boil.
I think the devs of GoW have shown that they put players first in EVERY way.

I for one would think that a great micro-transaction to include would be a $.99 traitstone purchase.

These numbers are completely fabricated and based on nothing:

For a $.99 purchase you can receive either:
5- minor
4- major
3- runics
2- arcanes
1- celestial

For another $.99 (or total purchase of $1.99)
They can allow us to select the Kingdom those stones come from.
Obviously that would not apply to Celestials. :wink:

This would not take anything away from the current system, but when you are struggling to trait that ONE troop, could be a great means to do so, while also supporting the great team of devs offering this awesome F2P game.


Thanks! :wink:

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Welp time to grab my pitchfork, and use it to move this hay so i can make money for the new possible transactions. The problem is how the devs will implement this feature because it is not a 5 step process. There are meetings and the like that take place when dealing with in-app purchases being added to the store.

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That would be so dangerous (not in a bad way). $10 for 25 minor red stones would be very tempting at times, and a far better investment than any of the current deals.


I’m always in favor to support this wonderful game. That being said, i don’t want to sound greedy, but having less gamble and more “precision” on the packs please.
All color packs should be a permanent item on the store. Weekly packs for certain stones appeals for the “urgency” to get it before it goes away, but it also makes impossible to get the pack at weeks were you need it while there is other pack available, so you resign to the fact that you’ll have to farm the traitstones…

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I concur! That is my point entirely! Allow me with REAL MONEY to get what I need when I need it. The randomness of the current economy is great for the majority of the time, but when I want to trait out a card for a deck idea. It becomes harrowing.

I don’t see why they don’t offer the 6 different Arcane Traitstone packs every week. I don’t always check it, but it seems like they don’t even offer one per week. For anyone that actually wants to buy them straight up, it’s kinda silly that they would have to wait 6+ weeks.

I realize this change wouldn’t be as favorable as the one proposed here, but I can also see why they wouldn’t want you to be able to buy Arcanes a la carte.


Obligatory “give me subscription service that gives a multiplier for all gems/glory earned” comment.

With that out of the way, I’m not sure how much I’d personally use a microtransaction system since I’d rather grind the stuff out myself instead of being given it. Even insanely cheap, I feel like I’m taking something away from myself by paying to play less. But they already have similar type things in the stone packs that they rotate out every week, and a big issue for those among the people that would actually purchase them is you end up putting a lot of your “value” toward stuff you don’t want at the time.

If this went forward, the numbers I’d recommend are 2 bucks for one of the following, at the color of your choice:
10 minor
4 runic
2 arcane
1 celestial

All of these are “worse deals” than pack that rotates through the shop, but still far favorable to a lot of people who would just want to avoid or lessen some of the grind without getting a bunch of stuff they dont want. For example, you’d need $16.00 to get the minors to trait a single legendary, $12 worth of runics, and $16 worth of arcanes, and $4 worth of celestials. You’d need more than this to focus trait a single legendary now, along with waiting for the correct packs, but you’d also end up with a bunch of other stuff you dont care about at the time (possibly ever). Most likely it would be a few bucks here and there to avoid the tail end of a grind.

Normally I’d be against something like this put in a free to play game because it is usually done so because drop rates are purposely made abysmally broken - to the point where only the most severe masochists would be able to get said items through normal play and grinding combined in any reasonable amount of time - but with two weekly troop packs and explore, it would call everything in the realm of “fair” already, especially since its possible to gather enough stuff to fully trait a mythic inside a week with a few hours of play a day - far less than the “max” speed possible. Other people’s perception on this matter might differ, though, and anyone stumbling on the game after this became how they did their transactions could easily make this assumption.

The other thing I see against this is that it would make any arcane buyable at any time, allowing you to buy your way into a specific feature without any gameplay relatively easily. I mean, you can already through gems which can cycle into everything in the game, but the costs/exchange rates and randomness makes it prohibitive (not like, willing to spend on a game prohibitive, but like, it would put anyone trying into poverty to do so). If targeting stuff like this would be too convenient, though, you could always put a limit on how many are buyable weekly, similar to how seals are done now.

It just occurred to me that a reason why we don’t see small purchases offered might be because they’d have to give a fixed minimum amount to the payment provider instead of a percentage.

The platform takes 30% off the top, and that includes payment. It’s standard across all platforms, as far as I know.

I actually think it’s because the small purchases don’t generate a lot of revenue. The general rule is that 100% of revenue comes from <5% of players, and roughly 50% of revenue comes from <0.5% of players. That necessarily means most of the revenue is coming from players that spend a lot of money, and they’re buying the big ticket and high value items. Which is all to say that they make stuff that sells, and drives revenue.

Yeah that’s one of my issues with the store currently as well. I would never spend money to buy keys or anything of the sort, because you’re paying for RNG and that never turns out how you want it to. I’m all for being able to buy things that are guaranteed, not a gamble.