4.7 looking shaky

4.7 is going to happen no matter what I accept that but it might be a good idea to consider what the community has to say this time. the crowd has spoken and it’s mostly upset that your blocking off LT’s communities are what make the game the community jumps ship the game dies history has proven that time and time again. I love this game, I can’t make you do anything I’m just one player, all I ask is you look at the long term. from what’s been said about this update over multiple forum threads many people might consider jumping ship if a compromise isn’t met the best comp. I’ve seen is make it so LT’s are unlocked after normal tasks are all completed and have epic tasks optional you keep saying if you give away too much you might go bankrupt we’ll think of this the same also happens when you take away too much and locking LT’s behind 6 more tasks that are 12 layers deep that seems to be taking away quite a bit i urge to to think of this what’s more important your bottom line or the community


Paragraphs. Use paragraphs. Please.


Some dot and comma would help us non native speakers understand


The TL;DR version.

They should consider what the community wants, which is not to lock legendary tasks behind epic tasks. They wont confirm or deny this.

Rest is mostly a rant questioning their business model.


I’m at that level where native speakers are often annoyed that I correct them. (Yes, I do still make mistakes of course.)
I also find this difficult to read. Capitalization, punctuation and spacing make a huge difference.
But hey, welcome to the internet :crazy_face:

On topic: Most of what dragon says has been said in one way or another in the big epic tasks thread. I would only like to point out that 4.7 is more than the epic tasks.

That’s right but it doesn’t matter much to the dispelled people.