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4.0 Theory craft before the launch

With 4.0 coming very soon I thought it might be fun for some of us to put our thinking caps on and see what teams we could come up with that might work best for the “Delves”!

I think summoner / spawning troops will be key as Sirrian hinted at already for the longer and harder delves and thought perhaps something like this:

If you want to play your hero

Divinion Banner ( Purple / Yellow)
Tome of Sin (Class of your choice)
King Highforge
Arachnaean Weaver

No Hero Team

Divinion Banner (Purple / Yellow)

Gar’ Nok
Arachnaean Weaver

What do you guys think and what are you going to try for a “delve” team to take on the hardest difficulty / challenge levels?

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I will play like it was bounty, i mean i will try to use as much faction troop as i can at the max didficulty to try to maximize the renown points

Ricky ah with that course of action we will have to wait to see what troops come out to see your teams (that is less fun than my theory exercise based on existing known troops )

Renown doesn’t work like Bounty scoring. You only get Renown based off your best result. So there’s no need to stick with an all-faction team all the time.


I know but this is the first thing i will do it will be easier to win at lower level with 4 faction troop and you might not need to use them always but at least 1 time for each faction to increase total renown

I think we will required to use non-fraction troops first to play Delves, so we can drop fraction troops later. Once all 4 is unlocked, then it’s possible to try lower level with full fraction team.

Progress in the Delve will likely require non-fraction team in late level, with enemies stats even more crazy than final Raid level. Playing with full fraction team will usually similar to 3-staring/achievement hunting in other puzzle games, in which you would progress far beyond before able to do it.

As for the team, summon by trait like Arachnaean Weaver will be perfect troops. Gorgontha/Stonehammer will almost be a requirement in No-dead challenge. Troops with spell that directly boost by stats (Sunbird/Settite Warrior/Queen Ysabelle) will be very handy. At some point, even lucky Deathmark trigger might be necessary to beat the match.

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This ss showing best delve with faction troops, i just don’t know it it the difficulty or the longest straight, if it’s longest straight we might have to use them the more we can

Buy yeah you are right we will need to play with non faction troop before to win the faction troop in the delve chests

Also i wonder if 2 of same faction troop will work or if we will need 4 unique faction troops

Probably 4 unique troops, or people would just spam 4x Legendary fraction troops and easily win.

From what I understand, “Best” mean highest difficulty level you managed to win. Estimate guess would be like this; if you managed to barely beat level 100 with no-fraction troops, the hardest no-dead would be 60, and fraction around 40. It would be close to impossible to do all 3 at once at higher levels. So some sort of backtracking will be required based on Treasures hoard level. (which give extra stats)


@Calv1n to answer your question i think a troop like aby will be very usefull, explosion to remove block and also summon in case you lose a troop

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@TimeKnight yeah that make sense, i can’t wait to try this new mode it look like the most challenging mode and im ready :slight_smile:

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I did one with 3 unique faction troops. The 4th troop was a duplicate faction troop because I didn’t have the legend from that faction. This team got me the “best delve with faction team” renown points.


Good to know! This way, I can use 4x Rare troops and get some quick Fraction renown score startup before getting all 4 of them!

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Since we had the 4.0 preview, are beta testers free to talk, or just about certain features? Any preparations we can make for 4.0?

We haven’t been given the all-clear yet, from what I recall.

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