3.5 Patch Notes


they were always supposed to be mythic weapons even before db came out just took em like 2 yrs to fix the error lol


Wow lol :0


Why is Google Play achievements not working? I’m level 1158 and I have not got the achievement for reaching level 250 or 500. Plus I have got Xathenos made but not achievement done?


You might need to level up once to get the achievements to trigger. With Xathenos it should trigger next time you get a new troop (of any kind, so any of the weekly troops or raid/invasion/bounty troops).


So are the achievements not counting cause of this new update?


Upgraded Whitehelm to level 9 kingdom, but tribute chance is still 20%…


and if you look at the levels it also shows triple tribute chance but shows 20% instead of 30%.


@Gerry too


Unfortunately we are using the same Achievement functionality as we are for all other platforms, where PlayStation in particular requires achievements to be unlocked after an action has occurred, and cannot be awarded retroactively. This means that all other platforms (including Android) also have this same system so we keep everything we can at parity.

As @Ozball mentioned, these achievements will unlock when the following action happen -

  • Level 250 and 500 - Awards Achievement the next time you level up and are above the corresponding level
  • Unlock Xathenos - Awards Achievement the next time you collect a New troop card


Can someone tell me why I just unlocked Sylvasi’s Blades (purple hero weapon from Pan’s Vale) by leveling up?

I’m not complaining just would very much like to know how and why.


now that you mention it, I don’t remember buying/owning Spark Rocket 2.0.16 either. Neat.

Edit: there’s a few more I forget if I owned prior to leveling up.


You have to unlock the class events


The class events you have to play freely as the pets


A couple of questions.

  1. From @saltypatra’s preview feeds new troop slots were mentioned. When will those become active? Also, I seem to recall mention of a way to select a traitstone and see a list of troops (and hopefully hero classes) which use them. When will this feature be active?
  2. For players who had advanced in the PvP tiers, before the patch release, is there a way to receive the ingot rewards for said PvP weekly tiers?

Nevermind it is covered in @cyrup’s excellent new guide. However, it seems unfair to esentually have active players miss out. Perhaps release reward based updates on the weekly roll-over or warn people, so they can choose to wait to play the game mode being changed.


Bit confused about the talent trees - why does Dragonguard have "“all urska allies gain 1 attack every turn” for example?


and I am confused about the perks and hero race: they are not showed in hero menu anymore, but they still work. will they be removed, or will the info be added back somewhere?


Perks have been replaced by Talent Tree.

The race is currently not shown in the class menu, but is available on the hero card when that class is picked.


mechanist’s perk ‘all mechs start battles with 50% mana’ still works, but there’s no such talent on its tree


Try assigning talents on each branch of the tree, and see if that fixes it. Or maybe just lucky and they are all silently assigned lol


I set up the talents, the perks still work