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3 Reasons 3.5 is AMAZING!

Hello all you people. You are great. Do you know what else is great? PATCH 3.5!!! This is the best we have ever had, and I know because I am a casual player that is only Level 1002.

  1. Daily Tasks - I totally didn’t deserve more rewards being a filthy F2P player, and yet they gave me MORE REWARDS!!! Now I even have things to do when I am getting burned out on grinding. Daily Tasks are A#1 Super Good Feature.

  2. Weapon Rework - weapons were getting stale with very few of them ever seeing use. Now I have a reason to care about them again. Sword of Heroes, I care about you.

  3. Hero SuperPowers - HOLY COW HERO SUPERPOWERS!!! At first I was all like, “Blah blah who cares nice dumb table of whatever,” but then I actually CLICKED ON IT!!! (Note: seriously, until you click you get nothing. There is a tutorial on being in a guild, but nothing on Hero SuperPowers) So I clicked some cool DK powers then rushed off to battle.

The following is a transcript of my first battle with Hero SuperPowers:
Pew Pew DustStorm Freeze ZAP WHAT THE HECK SkullStorm Razor Armor Infernus just pooped his pants HA HA I’m winning so much right now BLAAAAAUUUUU if yo face Kraken MORE STORMS??? Barriers out of nowhere turn out the lights this partay is over is that Snoop Dogg??? I’m the best YEA!!!

Devs, when you changed the UI I couldn’t find one nice thing to say. This patch is amazing and I thank you.

TLDR: Stay in school. Books are way longer than this post. Attention span, people.

Edit: Adding this line to get my Editor Badge. Shameless.


It’s surely one of the best patches that we ever had. Those skill trees gives a lot of options and tons of fun to mess around with classes again.

Be aware @Zepp that soon the tsunami of the negativity will float over in this thread too. Not a single positive thread will be left alone from the negativity. But lets keep our heads up high. :sunglasses:


And do you know what else is great, your post!!!

You do realise positive comments aren’t allowed right, and are even frowned on by the community (including my grumpy self)! Thanks you for your hilarious post, I’m still at work but am now even more excited to get home in a couple of hours and get stuck into 3.5 and some pew pew shizzle me nizzle action!


Thanks for the post, @Zepp :smile_cat: It gave me a morning giggle.

I’m having fun with the update as well. There are so many hero options to experiment with now that my head is dizzy.


@Zepp your post has made me want to play 3.5 even more, too bad I have to wait another week before I can as I am away and play on console


Love 3.5, the post, the replies, and the positivity. :smile:


It’s a miracle, this thread is still a breath of fresh air. :blush:


I’ll add three more things that I liked that came with the update:

Level up icons on pets:

Real time timer on the pet rescue screen:

All colors filter for single color:
The “All” colors filter works as expected now when you pick only a single color. So, if you are looking for a card that only has red, you can find it using that filter now.


This was really cute too. @Macawi where is your pet ?? :open_mouth:


It pooped on my shoulder so I put him back in his cage. :grin:




I knew I couldn’t have been alone in liking things! I just like things. It’s a failing of mine. : )


I approve of fulligan’s pet!

I am so glad you guys love the new update. I’m loving it too - the Pets keep rolling in and Talents are great, I think it was a good choice to align the game even more with the RPG/Fantasy style the team loves. It’s also been a bit smoother this update thanks to our QA and beta team (and code of course! ;), which makes me very very happy that I can help you guys even more! :smiley: :coffee:


Im having a blast with the new update. Was a few things I was sad to not see, new mythic weapon and new pets being the main things lol.

But overall, its been great. Thanks to Saltys streams I had an idea on what to expect, and had time to wrap my head around mechanics.

Just wish that in future, with new rewards to systems, that either the update happens at start of the week, or reward changes are delayed until next full week.


This thread is warming my salty little heart. Maybe one day I will upgrade to spicy!


I really enjoyed the last 2 updates. Before the pets were added I was wondering why I am still playing. I was spending more and more time playing Slay the Spire (great game) since there wasn’t anything else to collect.

Then pets came along and got interested again, then collecting ingots to level up weapons came along and now I’m thinking I’m spending too much time playing.

Last 2 updates made the game so much funner.


Overall so far I like the update. The hero revamp is cool making the hero useful, even if some classes have… interesting takents (lookin at you raksha buff on dragonguard). Others trees have some great synergies. I also like how the visuals seem a bit crisper and there have been a couple QOL changes. Ingots are fine if only because of pvp tiers and that arena rewards them too.

On the other side, I do wish there were more bug fixes but with hero talents and kingdom reworks, there is little room I suppose. Still would like the few game breaking bugs fixed as while somewhat rare, they happen a bit too often.

I would also prefer some buff to the sigil based game modes as growth orbs are terrible and drop too frequent at absurd levels for some. Given the only guarantee on a power orb is spending thousands and thousands on gems as well as ludicrous amounts of time, I would prefer less RNG or at least I know the orb type and the size varies with the various levels improving the further you go. At least give out more gem keys, gems or diamonds as the return on investment is terrible unless you actually get a major ascension orb. Given the costs to get to reward level 20 is already too expensive as it needs tier 6 with few losses, and that’s with three mythic bounty troops.

All in all, I LIKE the update, but I don’t love it because it didn’t “fix” anything or address concerns over more gem and cash sinks. When the class event comes up it will be the same thing with raid, invasion, bounty, and pet rescues for shops with probably ok rewards. I’m all for new things, but the last few updates have been mixed with some major flaws and great ideas with various quality in the executions. This update is good as I’ve said before, but I’m a little disappointed in a lack of bug fixes and troops balancing. The class event may be better like pet rescues or invasions. It could also be worse like raids or bounties.


I understand where you’re coming from, it frustrates everyone - including the dev team! - to have bugs. However, it’s good to remember that we have fixed quite a lot of issues that we haven’t mentioned in the patch notes, not even counting those that are fixed before the update goes live. I won’t rattle them off here and bore you (and also I don’t want to derail this lovely warming topic!) but I hear you! The game team plan update the new class and talent features, this is only the first iteration.

Anyway, back to trying to get that damn peace pigeon. I love birbs.


Overall this is one of the best updates. I’ll list a few things I like as well since other people are doing it

This is one of my favourite things


Only downside is now I spend a bit too much time looking at the roster

Kingdom stars - I do for the most part like this. Yesterday I got on my low level account and managed to 4* quite a few kingdom.

Talent trees - I love them. I used hero is basically every team I have but I mainly used it in first slot just to get some quick mana and then I let it die but with these new talents I’m going to be redoing some of my teams to keep hero a bit more protected. Also there was quite a few classes I would never use because they were so useless but now I will probably end up using most of them.

Upgrade indicators for pets - So much love for this. I use to just skip a lot of pet rescues because I was too lazy to go through all my pets to see if I could upgrade them but now that all I have to do is look at the pet screen I will make sure to do them all. I just took a look at it earlier today and I had 5 pets to upgrade I got a nice orb of clans for that.

Ingots - I was really worried these were going to be as hard as orbs to get but since I get them from pvp and arena (thank you for that I thought arena would miss out on these) I’m very happy about them.

There are a couple of things I don’t really like but since this is a positive thread I will post them some where else.

I forgot about daily tasks they were something I really missed when I stopped playing on Xbox I’m glad PC finally has them.



If you click on opponent hero during a battle you should see which skills the opponent has picked for his hero. Thank you @Macawi.