3.5 Patch Notes


I am NOT a fan of this design decision.


To comment on the ingots in chests, we felt that it would be more efficient and inexpensive to draw them from Gem Chests. Because VIP chests are so expensive we wanted to keep the drop rates for legendaries and mythics as high as possible.


But why not Ingots in every chests?


Ingots could have replaced part of the traitstone drop table instead of part of the troop drop table. I would happily get a few less arcanes from VIP chests in order to not have to spend my hard-earned Gems on less-desirable Gem chests.


We can look into doing that. :slight_smile:


They don’t decrease the chance of getting a mythic


I never said they did :slight_smile: I was suggesting a way to add them to the VIP chest drop table that would ensure that legendary/mythic drop rate was not impacted (per Salty’s comment).


“We are the Champions” is retroactive, but "I Have the Power " isnt? ohhh


We are the champions is a verse from queens song Campions


The skill trees for each class is impressive. Thanks a lot for this! :blush:


It sure isn’t fun to watch everyone else get to play the game while I’m in some kind of crash Hell.


I know I’ve been quite skeptical before reading the patch notes. Having said that, this does look like a good update all in all.

My one gripe is with the shop in class events. I really don’t like them at all irrespective of mode, same is to be said for sigils. Paywall like that, me no likey.

Other than that I can’t wait to update the game and try things out.


All class weapons are now base Mythic???


Hello devs, My 9 star kingdoms used to have 30% tribute chance. Now they are giving 20%. Is this intended? Please answer.


I’ve just double checked this, and I can confirm it’s a display issue. Your tribute chance is 30% and calculates it as so when determining when a kingdom gives tribute, but unfortunately it won’t display that in the kingdom menu until level 10.


Were the base stats for Heroes adjusted as well? I noticed because the Base attack in Arena dropped by 2 for the Hero (Magic definitely stayed the same)


Team power calculations have changed. I have the option to fight an opponent with 11,207 Power. Almost everything I have is upgraded, and my score is 10,192. Where is the extra 1,000 power coming from?


How did you do that? I saw 1 of mine that way as well but, don’t know how that happened.


I looked at my weapon inventory. All of my class weapons for completing 250 battles as that class are reporting as Mythic weapons now.


Ah so same thing that happened with my 1. All class weapons must’ve been upped to mythic rarity sense you can only get them from a class.