3.5 Patch Notes

Players have a choice now when opening premium chests:

  1. Open Gem chests for a chance at a mythic and receive some ingots uncommonly.
  2. Oven VIP chests for an improved chance at a mythic, but sacrifice ingots from chest drops to do so.

So, no double dipping at improved mythic rates and with matching rarity ingot drops from VIP chests.

A few like this.

Already unlocked all the talents FTW


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seems like a weird design decision to steer people away in any way from the chest type that needs money to unlock and costs more resources to open…

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I’d rather have Ingots than Traitstones or Epics in Vip chests.
The incentive to get to vip 5 has been lessened more and more.

Vip chests were already on the verge of being useless. This might just be the final nail. :persevere:
On the 2 alts I got to vip 5 just for the chests. Can I have my money back? (Rhetorical question…I know the answer already).

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Talent trees are retro active. love it!


Yes, I’m glad that we don’t have to start with 0 Champion pts.



@#$% yes to this. Its even updating in real time without me leaving or refreshing the tab!


Next question: what happens if the timer expires while you’re in a match?

Same as 3.4 I imagine.

So not a single balance change? Not one… not even one tiny insignificant 'cause way too low buff to a single troop? Ok. GG.

Just to address this @Gouki, this was a big update for us and it kept us exceedingly busy. More balance changes will be coming in the future.

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Agreed - there’s a huge amount of content here! But if you have some specific feedback please provide some constructive criticism over here if it’s specific to the update

just realised is there no way to see total battles on a hero class anymore?

Archer is very Raid friendly and Dragonguard is very Sunbird friendly. Warlord has some very good combinations. 3x damage on burning enemies + self-enrage! Hero class stuff is a definite thumbs up.

Power levels after level 10 are… dragged out? good types of bonus, if we ever reach them though. not sure if we needed the tasks to slow down natural progression and slowed down power levels above level 10. Thumbs down for Kingdom Power level.

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@Saltypatra @Cyrup

I’m a long term buyer of the weekly weapons, and I notice they have ingots now. Buying the useless weapons was my way of giving the devs their well deserved money. But now I feel I missed out on ingots.

Happens to me when I log in with a few minutes left. When you finish the battle it says pet rescue is over and you don’t get rewards for that battle. Rewards you don’t collect is mailed to you.

No new pets :frowning:

Anyone know if Talent tree choices can be undone?

Freely re-movable at any time.