3.5 Patch Notes


It’s the third class trait, you’ll find it in the traits section.


of course, it is! thank you very much @Fourdottwoone, I mixed it all up :see_no_evil:


Since VIP chests are so expensive, would it be an option to throw in an ingot on top of the current contents? Something like 90% chance for epic, 9% chance for legendary, 1% chance for mythic? That might also add an incentive for players to do enough shopping to actually reach VIP 5 for VIP chests.


Underrated change. Thank you for this!


Where? I don’t see it.


As the Invasion event had already started, likely in the store starting with the next Raid event.



Replace the donkey with an Bear/Urska, we already know the dragons of Krystara have unusual curiosity … -> T.M.N.D.T - PC/Mobile Event


Welcome back Ivar. :clap: I didnt know that you still played the game.


I just checked the update to see all the buzz… So far great direction and poor execution.


We have to disagree then. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Has anyone else noticed the new background on Apocalypse troops? Or am I imagining things, cause it sure looks different to me! Looks really cool and makes the troops look even scarier, lol

And looks like guardians and imps got a new background as well.


Nice, pets now have a level up symbol in the roster whenever they are eligible. Shouldn’t this show up somewhere in the patch notes?


I noticed all my kingdoms that I had not completed the quests in were dropped to zero except for Zaejin which stayed at 2 stars. I can’t find anything in the patch notes on it. Should I be reporting this as a bug?


Game no longer windows xp supported right? Because since update it doesn’t launch anymore.


I’m surprised it even worked this long.


So, do we get one ingot for every PVP battle? I just started playing 3.5, and am about 20 PVP battles in, and I have gotten 1 ingot (common, ultra-rare, rare) from every battle. So do the notes, “Randomly from a PVP battle” mean that you get 1 ingot of random variety per PVP battle, or is it supposed to be you randomly get any ingot on some PVP battles?


It’s random but, yes


Yes every battle and here’s proof on the variance of rarity :wink:


That answers my question about if you can get Mythic from PvP lol


So small fix needed: in class description, it is impossible to see what type you become (elf, wildfolk, Beast, etc) until you pick the class and look at the hero.