3.5 Patch Notes


They fixed the troop filter so you can now filter mono-colour troops! :smiley: Just select the colour and “All” to see troops that have that colour only. Thank you for that one! :kissing_heart:


Quality of life stuff is nice, guild roster looks good.
Class update is horrible, needed a break from this game anyway.
Will be completing this week to help guild but leaving afterwards, had a nice run.


Hi @HONUSDAN, your Kingdom Power stars should have carried across without any loss in the number of stars you had before the update. If that’s not the case you can contact support here.


Is there any news about when will start the 1st daily class event? And at which frequency?


14 days from now


That’s the week-end class event, not the daily class event :wink: .



There isn’t one planed


Okay… But when patch 3.4 was released we were told that the daily event will be on Wednesday every week.

For the daily class event, we don’t know anything…

  • Take the slot form Pet daily day so one week one Pet Event, another week class event?
  • Another day every week? So Tuesday Pet event and Thursday Class event?


I think the new update is totally awsome! the devs did a terrific job indeed. I have been playing the game for a year+, and now I have a lot of fun stuff to play for at least a year more, thanks a lot! I don’t think that rewards are low or slow, it’s not fun when you get everything at once and there’s nothing left to achieve. I also see a lot of resources that the players get in small portions, but very frequently and easy, so at the end of the week there’s a nice bunch of stuff kinda out of nowhere. it’s amazing that such a great game is free to play


Please remove the requirement WEAPON UPGRADE + find LEGENDARY TROOP for 5 star kingdom bonus.

That’s just silly and a gate for newer players. Put it up to level 10 or whatever. It’s really hard to level weapons atm (especially if you don’t have a common one on certain kingdoms). Same for legendary troops. You might play this game for years before you get the drop you need.

Please, rethink the requirements for kingdom 5 star bonus (at least).

Edit: also, whoever came up with this new class leveling system needs to have his brain checked out. The xp rates are awful. This isn’t a korean mmo. If you want players to use hero, make it a mandatory 5th slot for passive bonus or something.


but sadly there are some bugs i cant upgrad the Kingdom because it tells me to finish quests but all kingdom quests are finished


I just noticed the class event is changed from around 2 week to 3 days, and it’s Dragonguard instead of Runepriest. Is this our first weekly 24-hour class event? Awesome!

So it should be every Wednesday for Pet Rescue, and every Thursday for Class Event, right? And new class in 3-day weekend like Bounty around every month?


I tried this. The response I received was “We aren’t able to respond to this type of request as our team specialise in Technical Support, so we’ve closed your request.”

It redirected me back to the forums. lol


Ah, if I’m not mistaken it sounds like you filed the ticket under a bug report? Our support team no longer handles those types of requests, however if you file the ticket under ‘Technical Issue’ or ‘Missing Rewards’ it should go through and our support team will investigate.


I just want to say a big thank you to @Cyrup for taking the time to fix this issue for me. As a one-off case I was pleasantly surprised someone would take the time to help me.


@Kafka how is it a bug when it’s part of the patch notes???