3.5.5 (less than 10)

A patch that fixes at least 90% of the current bugs without any other additions to the game.
Bugs of War used to be a good nature joke. Now its too true to be funny anymore.
This time, make sure the bugs are actually 100% fixed before stating that they are fixed.
The extra turn bug and global chat still having issues was a huge let down that soured any good that 3.5 created. Personally speaking of course.


Adding onto the list of bugs that need to be fixed in this patch:

  • Troops menu freezing the game on the latest version of Windows 10
  • Ubastet killing >2 troops when %-to-spawn-troop-on-death-trait procs
  • AI taking 2 simultaneous turns when you take a 4 or 5 match while traits are still loading

Well, to be fair, at least with the Extra Turn bug, it said, in the patch notes, the basic idea, of “It’s pretty much fixed, but it still might happen”. At least there what it said in this Patch Notes I read via the in game link that takes you to the Gems website.