3.1.5 Patch Notes (PC/Mobile & Console)


Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/3-1-5-patch-notes/

The 3.1.5 Update is here! This is a mini update that primarily fixes major bugs and brings some quality of life changes.

  • Fixed Impervious trait from not blocking Devour and Mana Burn.
  • Fixed One-Shot Spells only triggering for each troop rather than all troops.
  • Included more tutorials for First Time Users.
  • Increased the Guild Announcement Length. We listened to your feedback and made the guild announcement length 255 characters.
  • Mana Surges no longer occur on 4 of a kind matches. We have listened to community feedback and have adjusted mana surges on 4 of a kind matches. This should help with versing the Wisp troop for higher level players as well as help prevent excessive looping at all levels.
  • Aspect ratio bug on console has now been fixed. You should be able to properly adjust the resolution of Gems of War to match your screen.
  • Other various small bug fixes and improvements

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First! Woot!


Good news. Thank you! :pig:


Finally :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!


Impervious fixed finally :heart_eyes:


Is it a update that has to be done through store or just opening game?


When will this patch land on steam? I’m still surging on match 4s.


Yep, Kraken just ate Wulfgarok and ruined another game. And then AIManaCascade filled Kraken back up and I retreated, same old same old.


I don’t think the patch has rolled out yet. Hold your torches.


It is possibly just about to get rolled out.


I’m happy :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this several different ways, so I’d like some clarity on what it means that 4-matches no longer surge.

Clearly 3-matches surge with your mana mastery value. And clearly 5-matches always surge.

The question is, which of the following is now true?

1 - 4-matches surge according to your mana mastery.
2 - 4-matches NEVER surge.

Anyone with clarity on this?


This is what the new update will bring, whenever it comes live.


Yes, the previous patch brought the Console logic (“4 matches surge according to your mana mastery”) and that caused a lot of vocal opposition, so they’re going back to the previous behavior.


btw update just got live. At least on PC.


This is what is now true.


We miss you. Melbourne is nice I hear…


Hey All,

The update has been pushed out on Steam, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. PS4 will be releasing soon after PS4 is now released as well.

Please check your respective storefront for the update, but please note that it may take a while to show up while it is propagating worldwide. Please note that we have no control on when it will show up on your devices specifically.


Not just console Logic, it was always supposed to work like that. The 0% chance of surging on 4gem matches was a glitch. Of course I’ll adapt to whatever the mechanics are, as long as I know the rules. I just can’t help feeling that PC cries can make the devs do anything, even reinstate bugs.