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Post 3.1 bug fixes

So I just got eaten my 3 great maws in guild wars. There is bugs everywhere people are losing and what not because of these bugs. I’m wondering what has actually been fixed since 3.1?

In my opinion these kind of bugs that make the game unplayable, by the way, cause it’s fun being looped to death on turn one or eaten by 3 maws huh? Should be top priority. Even this AI that’s on crack, nobody is having fun. At least not from my guild from what I read.

Please can you stop fixing bugs that we can’t see and fix the broken troops? I’m holding on by a string, if next week is anything like this I’m done with your game because I’m more frustrated rather than happy when playing this game now



Is this what you intended for 3.1? Devs. @Saltypatra @Nimhain @Sirrian pleaseeeee get a level 1000+ account and see the state of end game. It may even be early-mid game too I don’t know. But it’s broken because of these bugs, end games have access to majority of troops and can make broken teams with troops that unity broke


Looks like that should be an easy win for you! I faced same early in week minus desert troll! They had Mercy instead! I won!

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Good for you my friend. Anything else to add?

Nope that was all I had!

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The question is rather what has actually been fixed this year?
More and more bugs piling up making the game less and less fun.


Does this include bugs introduced in the current year and fixed or the ones that still remain from the start of the year?

Use Mab (in 4th spot) instead of Gorgotha? Krys should be enough to damp skull damage. And TDS enough for gems explode.

is knowingly exploit one cast troop bug allowed here? please say nothing if we are allowed to do so.

Well I lost my strongest team like completely desapared from the game it shows that I don’t owned the cards any more, I have contacted the devs and nothing have been done also now I can’t get my diamonds from my rewards over. 1000 so far any advice will be appreciated thanks

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This wasn’t the actual team I used against it. I vs’d it in guild wars on brown day I just went back into my battle log to screen shot