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3.4 Has been Approved on Xbox

It appears Microsoft has officially approved the 3.4 update! Once the other platforms do (if they haven’t done so yet), then on to the next step: It’s up to the Developers to set a specific Time and Date for deployment (if they haven’t doe so yet).

Paging @Rickygervais

Oh, I know this because the Icon changed.


Icon changed 2 week ago lol. I know it cause i check for free game every week

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Seriously, i just changed 30 minutes ago for me.

Maybe it wan’t changed there but when you look in all free game section, it was changed

I still got the old one in the same page then you

I’m going to miss Diviner

The icon thing for GoW hasn’t changed on PS4 for years now (Ok, 2). Is getting old lol.

@TheIdleOne Did it just change for you Today? to Rakshanin and War?

@Graeme they have been changing the Xbox Icon regularly (Updates)

It changed yesterday for me on x1

Not yet, but I believe what I’m seeing in your screenshot.

If it helps, I’m only in the 3rd tier of the Xbox Preview program. It could also be a regional thing and hasn’t reached me yet…

If somebody said the update was next week, it wouldn’t surprise me.


Yeah, I never thought Friday (just before the weekend), from another thread. Unless Sirrian was going to mandate lots of weekend work for the team, plus Support historically has been closed over the weekend. My Guess would be early next (actually now its this) week, up to Wednesday at the latest.