3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


I agree with others. This is a very sad state of affairs. Significantly NERFING Guild Tasks and Legendary Tasks will only further drive players away from Gems of War. This is a very bad move, IMO.



So their tactic is akin to employers deliberately trying to oust their established high-earning employees to recruit new employees at a lower salary. The new recruits will be naïve as to what they could have been earning had they been hired 2–3 years ago and simply are thrilled to have a job. Interesting theory.


End gamers complained they already have everything they wanted and there’s nothing to spend money on. That’s why some suggested cosmetic bundles to spend money on, new weapons, new something.

No one would have imagined they would take away the goods we had and say to new players: “Yea, go spend your money on something everyone had F2P so far. Enjoy your game.”

Makes me reconsider a lot. Naturally, I’m not a huge spender in this game. But I already know some people who donated a few hundred bucks, and after being deprived of over 100 Legendary Task rewards because of game bugs, he was compensated by 60 gems. 60. Six-bloody-ty.
He quit as well.

Short-term gain at its finest. The community sure is pleased.


Does anyone have a compiled table of the post patch legendary tasks yet? I’ll be attempting some comparisons today.


Thanks to those who collected the raw data for analysis!

As for the actual reduction, it’s far worse than I could have imagined. Gems dropping 100% from LT’s and 75% from guild tasks? I can actually see those with VIP5+ having a case for a refund now, as this isn’t just a tweak or adjustment to the economy but rather a complete 180.

And unless the mythic drop rates has increased orders of magnitude on the gem keys, it will no longer be possible to keep pace with the release schedule through resource management and average luck. You’ll either need to start paying, or be super lucky with drops. Unfortunately, this game no longer seems to be worth playing if you’re past mid-game but not a whale. Hoping the devs address this problem rather than the accountants, but guessing a bunch of players may decide not to stay past the next mythic release under the new GoW 2 economic model.


This is my initial impression as well, but we really need to see all the data before jumping to conclusions. At quick glance, I’m seeing a net loss across the board on LTs, more for VIP, which may or may not be balanced out by diamonds you can get in Dungeons without having to buy into anything depending on how many are done, and a net loss in Guild Tasks for VIPs. However, I need to account for the “20% reduction” in Guild Tasks by increasing the amount of gold donated by 25%, meaning the average of four legendary tasks for a guild that was completing all Guild Tasks pre-patch. It doesn’t look like the average of 4 LTs will do much to push your mythic gain threshold at this point.

It would also help if I could get any data has on pulled raw mythics from LTs, as this number has reportedly not changed after the patch.


I can understand that some of you are disppointed but I just remind that these rewards are gift coming from devs.

When you parents gave you 20$ by week, it was quite nice. Until Mommy lost her job so only one salary by month and they have to reduce your gift to 10$. Yeah it’s unfair but they don’t have choice.

Well, then Mommy is going to lose her job quite soon.
Since, you see, in our case it’s us who pay Mommy.

…the devs statement about offsetting the 4X speed - that nobody asked them for - is already insulting our intelligence enough, please don’t add more.


140 gems a week?! disgusting :face_vomiting:


This can’t be happening.


Er… Combo-breaking. It’s a thing. In the game.


My feels are that the game is going to experience a fast downfall.
People who pay money will regret it later and lots will leave before long. Balance doesn’t exist. Players have no control over what’s happening in the meta, they have no control of where to or how to progress and the only thing they are left with is a buggy roulette system without ANY response from devs aside silly jokes that always ignore issues.

It wasn’t so long ago that developers mentioned they had life threats in their inboxes.
… They can’t possibly believe these changes will bring roses and chocolate to their office desks, can they? I really hope nothing of that sort will happen, but seeing the amount of displeasure, I cannot help but stay beyond worried.


GoW is/was fairly unquie among freemium gaming micro transaction models. Without knowing certain details it would be assumed that whales and white whales were the primary spenders like any other comparable model. I’m not sure they outweighed the core gamers than spent to open up VIP 5 for vip chest pulls. Recent changes removing raw gems from the economy will certainly ostracize those players to the degree it will hurt the bottom line as the incentive to spend has been greatly reduced.


I wonder if it’s still true


It’s not a gift - it’s a business model.


Wonderful find, @Rickygervais


Sure you would, if you bought some hardware and then they reduced the size of the consumables packs by 5x but charged the same.

Oh, your printer ink cartridges are only 2ml instead of 10ml, but still cost the same? Don’t worry, they come with these tokens - collect enough and you can get a free printer cartridge of a colour of your choice. If it’s the right week for that colour. You’re not happy? Sorry, but those cartirdge prices weren’t making us enough money.

And then, you go to the company’s online support forums and people tell you:
“if you don’t like it, buy another printer”.
And you say:
"but I like this one, it’s served me well; I just want reasonable ink cartridge prices"
And they reply:
“You should have been grateful that you got such good prices in the first place.”

Ok, took that a bit too far…


As much as I’ve enjoyed playing (up until 3.1) I kind of hope this happens. It’s a business and money talks. Raking your players, especially paying players (see the many comments already made about how VIPs are getting shortchanged) across the coals SHOULD hurt you as a business.

Prior to the June patch that brought 4X to PC (and also brought SkullFall and laughably cheaty AI cascading) I was like a missionary for Gems of War. I told all my friends about it, I told coworkers about it, and I brought people to the game, most of whom spent money.

After the June PC patch, I continued talking about the game, but I was no longer a missionary. My words were more guarded, and my recommendations about spending money were much more controlled, while I stopped spending altogether.

After 3.1, I am not only no longer a missionary, I actively advise people NOT to spend money.

I get it - it’s not the devs’ fault, and they need to feed their families, but the publisher/accountants/whoever is calling the shots is making it obvious they don’t care about good will toward the playerbase any longer. Gems of War players are now a cow to be milked overtly, and we no longer merit the sunny, gassy pasture to entice us to produce the milk in the first place. Now, we’re in a mucky, dank pen with an emotionless milking machine.


This is a very bold accusation. I can say being in the number one ps4 guild we fight some of the hardest players and guilds including Lost Winds, Guild of Gra, Nemesis, Quimby, Shining Force 1. Each week they all give 110%.

Plus many more up and comers.

There are no alliances on ps4 at least none that I am aware of.


Thanks for the information.


I think our guild will stop maxing sentinels tho, our own choice but would be nice if all of bracket one did the same. Still competing but just on normal mode.