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3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)

So, for the 3rd update in a row, PvP matches are still counting towards explore daily tasks (Console, obviously).

Not that it’s urgent since it technically benefits us, just seems odd that such a quick fix can’t be made for this.

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Maybe they are just waiting for the daily task overhaul to deal with anything that isn’t a major bug on those.

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Nope. I understand people have done this with games when all else have failed. Not once did I need to do that with any of my games. Not once.

Furthermore, you know its a particular bug when it affects certain templates while the rest are functioning normally. Navigation Menu and shop are out of place. Nothing wrong with the World Map. That can be adjusted. Can’t do that with the menu. It was always nestled within the screen. Not anymore. Can’t tell when the game notifies me about new mail or weekly events I completed. In the shop, the items being offered use to be centered to the screen or align to the left. Now its way off-centered or popping off the left screen and being jumpy. Real weird.

It was working fine this whole time. Game does work by the way. But the patch has affected these two areas on Xbox. No idea why. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

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Updated the OP again.

You should get Shards and Jewels for each of the three bosses you beat (but only once from each boss) and each boss has a chance to also drop Diamonds (this is going to be changed in a future update to be a static drop of Diamonds).

What platform beanie? PC or Mobile?

This was on PC

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Lol @Ozball when is I+2 going to hire you full time? You my homie! And always gangsta!


I notice the list has Xbox dungeon sale not showing.
On ps4 you have two packs available. One for 150gems and 1 for 50gems. I’m confused why ps4 has a 150 gem option when on my pc and mobile accounts there is no 150 gem option. Only a real cash $$$ option and the 50gem option.

I guess my question is what platform is correct. Is ps4 suppose to have a cash option and no 150gem option??

Hey @Smuggler007,

This is an unfortunate side-effect of our move to PC/Mobile, where we had to support multiple aspect ratios by changing each screen to fit nicely on other aspect ratios (e.g. iPad is different to iPhones). This meant that the UI is now ignoring the Aspect Ratio changes on XB1. Good news and bad news, Just looked into the issue now and it should be fixed, bad news is that it will be in the next update. I’ve updated the top post.


This is happening on PS4 as well @GoldPhoenix0

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Just checked, it would also cause the same problem with PS4, but that should also be fixed in the next update.

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When exactly is the next update though?

I got both packs because I didn’t understood I have to pay with gems for them. Somehow it wasn’t obvious for me, maybe the new UI isn’t clear enough or I had a heavy derp moment xD

By the way, the UI is cropped on PS4, doesn’t fit on the screen like it should. But you probably know about that already.

for a quick fix until the next update change your tv resolution when you play gow

Lol cheap tv mine resolution is just fine Samsung tv.

Okay, thanks for getting on it. Totally makes sense how it went sideways.

(Xboxone) Sorry i don’t have the screenshot after boss result but today when i won against boss it said i won ruby but it was emerald and when i look in the daily bundle it’s also showing ruby and you receive emerald instead


Btw thank you for fixing 100% diamond drop

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Apologies if this was already reported. After finishing Arena, when the troops are offered for purchase, they aren’t at the correct size to fit their “card”. On an iPhone 6s with iOS 10.3.3


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The new ui issue hideous. It really doesn’t fit the game at all.


I agree; I prefer the existing UI. My thoughts on this:



Xbox: Had a weird visual bug with daily tasks that I hadn’t seen before, I took a screenshot: