2 smalls questions

Hi I’m on xbox one

I’m waiting mass disenchant , how will it be released ?

do you realize than 2 troops are totally insane and overpowered ? Famine and queen mab , some of my friends thinks to leave the game just because that is not funny to cros there road every battle , need a mass NERF for them 2

:slight_smile: hope you’ll answer :slight_smile:

Devs need to answer this.

Hmmm no, these two are strong but not the most overpowered in the game. Famine is very strong, but very expensive spell mana cost and slow: so easy to drain or counter. Mab is also strong, and popular, but again not game-breakingly so - and hopeless against Impervious troops.

Emperor Khorvash, Bone Dragon, Courage, Justice, Krystenax: are just some examples of troops that most people would suggest need nerfing / adjusting more than the two you mention. Also Dragon Soul in the early and mid game: 20 AoE damage at any player level is nuts.

(nb: I realise Krystenax didn’t make it to console yet)

It would also help if many other supposed legendary and Mythic troops got buffed a bit, to make them more viable and create more variety.

Note that on PC version: EK recently got a mild nerf, some other legendaries got a mild buff, and it’s known BoneDragon will get fixed in the next update. We hope. Not sure if these same changes made it to the console version…


How are you complaining about Queen Mab when Bone Dragon exist. Mab is pretty strong in most cases but I would never call her OP she is more annoying than anything if she is fully traited. Famine is probably the most annoying troop in the entire game but it is pretty easy to beat him.

If you are having problems with Mab use an impervious or mana shield troop or 2 like Dragon Soul and Behemoth. When you see a Famine use a Manticore, Moloch, Spirit Fox or Succubus and just keep draining it.


put a traited humility in first position of your team and you will literally enjoy seeing traited famine (and death) on the enemy side :slight_smile: (you can also just drain or mana starve it)

about mab… get a cleanse unit like mercy or something with mana shield and it will get much better

yes they are strong units but there are ways to deal with them


Hi there! Learn how to use different troops, there’s so much more to the game. I often think that many people are too quick to complain about certain troops without thinking about ways to counter them. Famine is really annoying, his mana cost is certainly too low though, I’ll give you that one!

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There are always counter units… Try different teams dont play the same team against everyone. Cheers :slight_smile:


Just a reminder: In early game Bone Dragon is NOT OP. Because your opponents Armor stat is not crazy high and the conversion rate keeps its skull generation low, its at end game where BD is clearly broken. :wink: