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2 Active Players (at the least 100k Gold and 100 trophies each one per week) Looking for a Good Guild (Closed)

Hello Everyone.

I and my wife we’re looking for an active guild with good and friendly enviroment. We’re active players. Bellow our status:

. Nickname: Blizz Shadow
. Level: 259;
. Kingdoms: 24 (all level 10);

. Nickname: kmillafiamore10
. Level: 186;
. Kingdoms: 24 (all level 10);

We can provide at the least 100k Gold and 100 trophies each one per week.

We would like to know:

. Guild Level?
. Masteries + ?
. How much is the minimal gold and trophies to achieve per week in your guild?
. How much active players have in your guild?
. How much gold your guild achieve each week?

We’re now in a guild that becomed inactive. So if you will invite us after our conversation, let me know to we leave the guild.

Sorry for my poor english. We’re from Brazil and our native language isn’t english.

Was a pleasure and we’re waiting for you answer.

Best Regards.

Blizz Shadow

30 Seconds 2 Match
Guild level 159/rank 109 on leaderboards and climbing
+45/46 to all masteries, three of each
Minimum 50k gold and 100 trophies (rank one in PvP) every week
Most of our members are active. Our roster is bugged and shows 26 at the moment, but I think we’re at 27 or 28
Most of our members far exceed minimum requirements. We don’t reach Intrim/Dragon’s Peak levels of rewards, but it’s enough that I got my Dragon armor in one week of saving. I should really try to keep track of how much we do get per week next week though.

Chat is fairly active, everyone is super friendly, and we’re looking for some new players. If you join today-ish you can get the rush of things we get on mondays from people rushing rank one in PvP

Hi @Kurokazna,

Thank you for your reply. We’re very happy for your interest.

We already was invited to a guild.

Anyway, if something goes wrong, we’ll made contact with you.

Thank very much.

Best wishes.

Blizz Shadow

Alright, can’t promise the slots will stay open, but good luck in your new guild ^w^