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2.1.5 Soul Farming Guide

Hey guys, just thought with the new patch coming out and Valkyrie being nerfed hard(RIP) that I would shed some light on new soul farming ideas. Please note that I am not an end-game player so this guide will consist of teams that are possible for newer players but not the best options, they are simply there if you have no other choice and I will leave notes accordingly. Furthermore, I would like to thank @Tacet for all his EXTREMELY helpful information, some of which I will cite in this guide. If you would like to learn from one of the greats check out his YouTube channel @Tacet the Terror. Let us begin.

Some initial info:

Base soul cap per match: 40

The Necromancy trait cannot be stunned and if a character that has the trait dies, the bonus will remain.

Due to an in-game error the Necromancy trait will actually remain at 50% for the time being while the developers decide their next step.

With the release of 2.1.5 a couple of troops got some serious buffs and a single troop got seriously nerfed. Here is a list of the notable buffs/nerf that took place:

Valkyrie: Necromancy trait REMOVED! Swapped out for Mana Shield(Immunity to Mana Burn).

(Buffs in this case meaning gained necromancy trait as this guide is for soul farming)

Acolyte - Jinx trait was swapped out for Necromancy.

Avina - Souls gained now scale off magic, and her base soul gain was increased to 4 from 1.

Banshee - Spell now grants souls also scales with magic.

Dragon Soul - Souls gained has been increased to 15 from 10.

Sacrificial Priest - Inscribed trait swapped out for Necromancy.

Sacrifice - Life Drain trait was swapped out for Necromancy.

Warlock - Daemon Bond trait was swapped out for Necromancy.

Wight - Spell now grants souls, also scales with magic.

Phylactery - Spell now grants souls, also scales with magic.

Soul Blade - Souls gained increased to 10 from 1.

To see a full list of info for the new update head here:
2.1.5 Arrives!

Now the fun part! I’ve tested out a couple of the teams and to be entirely honest, they are modest at best. However, many of the troops that truly excel in soul farming as of 2.1.5 are quite hard to attain! So the following have been dubbed “The newbies” mostly because these are troops I’m quite sure you will get your claws on far before the others later in this guide! (Unless you are very lucky and happen to get a Mythic at level 8, you lucky duck you.)

Team 1:
Wolf’s Banner
Giant Spider - Mana Generator
Avina - Soul Generator
Banshee - Soul Generator
Warlock - Necromancy Bonus

Soul Cap: 60
Soul Generator(s): 2
Trait Bonuses: 1


This team consists of not one but TWO soul generators, Avina and Banshee. Both of which scale off magic, meaning the higher their level the more the souls you gain! This can help out if you happen to lose one of them, you still have another to try to reach that cap!

Having a mana generator on the squad is also nice for getting spells up quickly and creating extra turns to keep the enemy at bay.

Avina just happens to deal triple spell damage to undead and double skull damage as well if you have the trait! This makes Khetar’s challenges a prime spot for farming souls. You can practically one shot then enemy team one at a time, and 4 of the casts(depending on level) can finish off the soul cap for you.

Banshee is a little bit of both when it come to generation, she has the ability to change blue gems into red, though this may take away from you spider’s mana, it gives it right to Avina, giving you a chance at an extra turn with a soul generation cast!


Warlock is pretty much only there for the trait, using him takes away your purples shutting down both of your soul generators. I would not recommend using his spell at all unless you have already reached the cap and are looking to end the fight.

Avina and Banshee both use purple mana, creating a bit of a wall for banshee, this is why Avina is up front, she offers the highest damage(if fighting undead). If you are leaning more towards the color swap to give you extra turns you could swap positions to give Banshee all possible purples first.

Having spider up front is a bit of an issue when it comes to his spell, being that first place takes the skull damage it is quite possible poor spidey could get taken out before anyone else. His spell is somewhat halved since, if this is the case, he will never get a chance to summon a spider swarm.

Team 2:
The Broken Banner
Soothsayer(Fully Traited) - Mana generation/Board Control
Wight - Soul Generation
Soothsayer(Fully Traited) - Mana generation/Board Control
Warlock - Necromancy Bonus

Soul Cap: 60
Soul Generator(s): 1
Trait Bonuses: 1


This team has a unique setup, 2 soothsayers can be amazing for handling the board and rewarding for granting allies magic. You can swap there spells back and forth and focus on keeping them up and in the mean time grab mana for your Wight to create souls.

The Wight is a great troop for farming in 2nd, it gives him time to build up a bit of health before he becomes the target of skulls and, if you’re lucky, you may even cap out on souls before the team reaches him!

Warlock is useful this time! This troop will debut in both pros and cons this time, although he is mana blocked, this time, if you do get his spell up, you will not hinder your team by casting it!


Soothsayer is a great and very versatile troop, but that comes with a price. You will need all 3 of his traits for him to be at full potential, you will need to farm 2 Arcane Forest Traitstones if you do not already have them. Soothsayer is a costly addition to this team, but if you can afford him you are indeed going to reap the benefits!

Guess who! Yea, Warlock…he is mana blocked, so if RNGesus is not with you and you don’t manage to get a single good cascade, Warlock goes back to being a trait buff only.

This team is not so hot with skulls, even if you get a chance to use them, it would better suit this team to simply use Soothsayer to get rid of them and grab the extra magic instead, unless of course it is a 4 or 5 gem match.

Moving on to the truly outstanding soul farmers of this patch! The following teams are much harder to assemble but grant many more souls per match!

Team 1:
Abyssal Banner
The Dragon Soul - Soul Generator
Giant Spider - Mana Generator
Keeper of Souls - Necromancy Bonus
Death - Necromancy Bonus

Soul Cap: 80
Soul Generator(s): 1
Trait Bonuses: 2


Very strong PvP team and soul generating team as well. This one of the teams currently usable for endgame players that can be used to farm souls without falling behind on PvP!

Two trait bonuses creates an even higher soul cap! This team can reach 80 souls, not including of course the after match bonuses including armor, difficulty rating, and VIP bonuses.


Having only one soul generator can be stressful if the AI decides to get a 23 gem cascade and wipe your first troop away, not that this will happen often, but it’s a great big world out there…some poor soul will experience this.

To see this team in action please visit Tacet here:
Time: 39:21

Team 2:
Lion Banner
Death - Necromancy Bonus
Valkyrie - Mana Generator/Soul Generator
Keeper of Souls - Necromancy Bonus
Death - Necromancy Bonus

Soul Cap: 100
Soul Generator(s): 1
Trait Bonuses: 3


Thought two Necromancy bonuses were nice? Try three! With this many Necromancy traits on the same team you raise you cap to 100 souls!

Another very strong PvP team, same deal as the previous, grab the soul ya need without missing out on the ladder points and trophies. :grinning:


One soul generator, once again. This team, however, isn’t quite as impacted by this being that Valkyrie is in the 2nd slot. So less of a chance of losing your soul generator, if you do manage to I sincerely apologize for your luck.

To see this team in action please visit Tacet here:
Time: 1:38:42

Special Thanks

Tacet, for his awesome and entertaining videos!
Nimhain, for her inside scoop on the Necromancy trait bug.
The Developers, for shaking up the meta to keep the game fresh and exciting!

I appreciate anyone stopping by and offering their thoughts on my guides! Please let me know if there are more teams you have found and I will happily edit them in with your name posted firmly above them!

I hope everyone enjoys the new patch! Have a great day!

Suggested Teams

Suggested by: @Robert

War - Damage
Keeper of Souls - Necromancy Bonus
Valkyrie - Soul Generator
Death - Necromancy Bonus

I do not myself have Death, War, or Keeper of Souls.:cry: So please give this team a go and leave a comment on how you did! Thanks Robert!

Suggested by: Me! :smiley:

Treant - Tank
Flesh Golem - Tank/Necromancy Bonus
Valkyrie - Soul Generator
Warlock - Necromancy Bonus

I threw this team together this morning and it worked out okay! This is another starter team for those of you who don’t have many options, it does include two ultra-rare troops so this may be more of a mid-level(40-90) type setup. Give it a go and let me know how you did!

Suggested by: @Phaethon

Valkyrie - Soul Generator
Warlock - Necromancy Bonus
Acolyte - Necromancy Bonus
Sacrificial Priest - Necromancy Bonus

More Details in his comment below, go check 'em out! Thanks Phaethon!

Suggested by: ThunderM

Zombie - Necromancy Bonus
Valkyrie - Soul Generator/Mana Generator
Justice - Mana Generator
Queen Mab - Damage

I do not currently have these troops leveled but ThunderM stands by his team, he’s using this team in PvP! Thanks ThunderM!

Suggested by: @MakoSipper

Dragon Banner
Crimson Bat - Damage
Banshee - Damage/Soul Generator/Mana Generator
Flesh Golem - Necromancy Bonus/Mana Generator(explodes a single row, returns mana to team)
Death - Necromancy Bonus

Lion Banner
Emperor Khorvash - Damage
Acolyte - Necromancy Bonus
Valkyrie - Soul Generator
Death - Necromancy Bonus

Check out MakoSipper’s comment for more detailed info! Thanks MakoSipper!


Too bad I’m a mid player going against high players and I don’t have death.

So I’m stuck in the same old rut but worse because of valk nerf. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for doing this! :slight_smile:

Pure theorycrafting, but how would the following work?
Giant Spider
Anything with Necromancy
Two necromancies, possibilities for a sacrifice loop. Or is this trying to do two things at once?

If we are talking about purely farming souls, i.e. explore mode + base difficulty, War/KoS/Val/Death

sacrifice has been deemed an utterly useless troop by many, if you can find a way to make him work it will be a miracle, for now i’d say avoid sacrifice at all costs

seems like a great team! i’ll throw it up there in the morning!

For the first two teams mentioned, i do not recommend taking them into pvp, both of these team are leaning more toward soul farming in khetar because the first has high dmg vs undead and the second shuts them down by taking their mana, these are just options for players that don’t have the mythics/legendaries required to farm in pvp

The 2nd and 4th troops can be any with necromancy. 3 positions locked down just for souls with one high attack troop… ‘variety’

@BassDLow no need to mention mine. Its a generic ‘add any 2 necromancy’ team. I also didnt realise you could use 3 necromancy traits when I said it. Use Phaetons team while it lasts!

For those SPECIFICALLY targeting souls. Not quite as fast as it once was, but hit’s cap in two casts of valk. Valk, Warlock, Acolyte, Sacrificial Priest. SP is just there for Karakoth bonuses/Necromancy. Matches take about 1 minute. Your magic does have to be fairly high (near max, including guild). All troops should be fully traited, as well. The only mission I have tested it on is where I used to do my soul farming: Divinion Fields, Scouting Party (Challenge One).

Alternatives can be:

Valk, Warlock, Warlock, Acolyte

Valk, Warlock, Warlock, Warlock

They work, too, but will not hit the cap in two Valk casts, since 3 unique Karakoth troops provided bonus magic, increasing Valk’s souls per cast.

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I thought of this team especially for PVP. I don’t love it, but it’s decent enough for me to use it.

Dragon Banner

Crimson Bat ***
Banshee **(*)
Flesh Golem *(**)
Death *(**)

Soul cap: 80 (x your soul bonus)

There is one soul generator (Banshee), which should need to cast only twice (at least for me, with my magic) for you to max souls.

Note that this team gets a lot of team bonuses, for a total of +1 Life, +2 Magic, and +4 Armor

My Crimson Bat, with double magic bonus from all magic kingdoms, plus guild bonus, deals 20 TD on all troops. As if it weren’t enough, it being on position 1 and being able to attack is devastating.

Flesh Golem can help sometimes with collecting mana, and Death is rearely used (you might wanna think twice before using Flesh Golem’s ability when it’s full, because if you do you’d be blocking Death again). Death’s life drain is also nice to have.

But the focus here is really Banshee’s and Bat’s ability, plus Bat’s skull damage with his last trait.

Another one, decent enough for PvP (it doesn’t work as well for my playstyle as the one above):

Lion Banner

Emperor Khorvash ***
Acolyte ***
Valkyrie ***
Death *(**)

Soul cap: 80 (x your soul bonus)

Fill Valk/Acolyte asap and use them both to feed Khorvy as well as Acolyte (with Valk, which should sometimes fill Death as well). Rely on Khorvy’s stunning ability and true damage skill in order to kill your oponents.

Still one of my favorite pvp teams
Giant spider
Pretty much a perfect win rate. And still semi fast

Thanks, i will edit this is in the morning! :smiley:

Sun and moon, sorc, one trait at the moment, my sorc is level 20 with no kingdom bonuses.
Dokkalfar level 18, 3 traits because sometime you hit the team that wrecks your day
Giant spider, level 18, 3 traits, what is better than one summoner, two summoners!
Avina, level 18, no traits sorry, did not feel like it. I know undead is the meta as of posting this, so she has come to clean house!

For those that know about my other two mains, this was a redux of my old sun and moon team, teraxis is set aside so i can make souls for no reason what so ever.

Well…i have a team with that, maybe it is not the best troop ever but it’s usable…

I’m having trouble properly testing this one, even restricted to the Scouting Party challenge where every hit oneshots. What are you using to close out the fight? Just random skulls? I’m getting very inconsistent clear times, even restricted to that challenge, and I’m not even getting 1 minute on the fastest end of that. I can, occasionally, get a Warlock/Acolyte/Warlock, refill valk, Warlock/Acolyte/Warlock or Warlock/Refill Valk/Skulls/Warlock/Aco/Warlock chain off, but its not really common. (I’m trying to rank where these land on pure soul speed.) The pacing is pretty miserable in explore, by the way, where you need 2 hits to kill any epic or legendary and occasionally 3 to kill a mythic, even on normal with maxed magic/attack.

Give me a second. I just ran an hour of it to test its numbers. I’m gonna make a thread in a bit with a more in-depth explanation/battle plan.

I’ve been running:

  • Hero / Mountain Crusher
    – Any class works, really. Archer or Mechanist will start partially charged up; Warden gets a bonus for the Mountain Crusher; Necromancer gives another source for a trickle of souls. I’ve been running with Assassin because…well…it’s just what I already was.
  • The Dragon Soul
  • Acolyte
  • Keeper of Souls

Nothing really needs traits except for Necromancy, obviously. Spam Dragon Soul to max souls and chip away with area damage; use Mountain Crusher whenever necessary to recharge Dragon Soul; use Acolyte whenever necessary to recharge Mountain Crusher; sit on KoS and leave him be until you max out your souls, then use him for a quick win.

This has worked fine for me on Explorations up and and including Warlord 4, though I usually drop it down to Warlord 1 to make it faster. I haven’t checked the numbers but it feels like I’m making more Souls/Hr when I’m clearing matches more quickly.

If you have Death you could swap him in for Acolyte, and that would be a perfectly good plan for the 0.000000001% of the playerbase who has him. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, interesting. So, what’s the highest amount of souls you can get per match? Around 400?