2.0 is Live! Servers are up!

Okay - we’re back online.

We’ve been working through a few problems (that was why maintenance took us about 90 minutes longer than expected).
There are a few things to know about the current version.

  1. You’ll get weekly rewards for the event that took place over the last few days… you MAY need to enter & leave the PvP menu to receive them though

  2. We have a small issue in PvP that can be a bit annoying. The game DEFAULTS TO YOUR DEFENSE TEAM at the start of every battle, and you may need to select another team, if you don’t fight with your defenders. This one slipped through the cracks, because (I suspect) we are always changing our team anyway. We will get a fix out for this asap… but it need a client fix… 24 hours for Steam, but longer for mobile, sorry guys.

  3. The PvP matchmaking tables will likely be a bit wonky for 24 hours, and may give some strange matchups… that should start to look better by tomorrow after we’ve had a million games or so help construct them.

  4. We’ll be watching the accumulation/loss of PvP points closely for the next few days, and may adjust them up (more likely) or down (less likely) based on how the system operates in the wild.

  5. We haven’t tried the PvP ladder with 10’s of thousands of players banging away at it simultaneously… we’ll also keep an eye on that and hopefully it’s nice and robust.

Apart from that - have at it!


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YAAAAY!!! Thank you Sirrian!

The quaffle is released and the game begins.

AWESOME!!! :heartbeat:

hehe, I locked PC and brushed teeth intending to go to bed… decided to check one last time. :slight_smile:

Servers are up for now… :wink: Until everyone logs in and things get crowded.

In like Flynn!

I really love the art on the new cards.

I learned recently that this phrase does not mean what you think it means. (I was using it that way also, until someone corrected me.)

Unless the game is women. And you’re having a lot of success with them. Then I guess you really are in like Flynn.

He was from Oz,I know what it means :wink:

Thanks @Sirrian and all devs for the hard work!! You all rock!! :wink:

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Please be on the lookout for bugs and post them to the bug report, i have found 2 so far.

Are those in the tier rewards gold keys? If so, that sucks :frowning:

They are glory keys. They had the same image in the old PVP image.

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@sirrian my PvP points total keeps going down… I went over 750, now I’m back at 600ish…

Can you have look in your battle log and let me know if you’ve been attacked a lot?

Possibly due to this:

EDIT: Ninja’d by Sirrian

Yes… A lot… And losing points far faster than I could possibly win them…

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