1529 lvl 200 wins, 0 lose (def) - This magic?

U win, but he not get lose, Ez 1500 lvl.

Report already sent.

What u can say on this?)

You already did a player report.
By posting it here you are violating the community guidelines and could be in trouble instead. Please edit your post to delete the photo.

edit, im dont know. sorry.

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To answer your question.
The player in question is doing Casual PvP only this week. So any win against his defense in Ranked PvP or lose shows as a win on his stats.
This is intended by the devs. Therefore not a bug nor an Exploit.
Please edit the title to (Solved) Undefeated Defense.

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so this is an ordinary cheat.

Nope. It’s intended flaw in the system.
There’s no way to force players to play against his defense. So it’s not an Exploit.

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hm, okay, thanks.

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Wasn’t this fixed in 4.2?

I don’t see any firebomb teams with wins nowadays or are they just not appearing in casual anymore?

The OP’s issue is fixed in 4.3 it looks like.

The devs don’t seem to check threads under support. Only the thread under bug reports…

This is not a cheat at all. Last week I did a lot of casual PvP to level some classes and got a bunch of defence wins. I didn’t do it for defence wins I did it for quick class XP and there is no way I am avoiding a whole game mode just because of stupid things out of my control like this.