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Why does this guys stats start off so high? This was a PVP against the third slot person. But his stats are too high from base


Were you playing casual PVP? You may have had your difficulty set on Warlord or higher.

Casual PVP.

Nope this was ranked PVP

Looks like a bug, the AI stats look boosted from your difficulty setting. Play 1 game of Explore on ‘Normal’.

Is this occurring in every single Rank PvP game, or was this just a one off?

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Just a one off and after it didn’t show up on my log

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This is definitely not behaving as intended if it is ranked PVP. This looks more akin to the stat bonuses applied in casual. If possible, could you get us a video or contact our support with further information?

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I posted because I’ve heard of this same thing occurring in PvP GW once but that was months ago and only from a single battle, unfortunately the guildmate did not capture anything though. He could not replicate it afterwards, and obviously got his clocked cleaned that match (Bracket 1).

adding a simple text on top of the screen to show what mode we are playing (ranked, casual, explore, dungeon) could help a lot in sorting out this confusion, whether it was a human error when choosing battle or a real game bug. probably could lessen the load of support too.


Strat you may be referirng to me here, not sure, but yes I had this once before and was definitely in ranked PVP. I do have a screen shot on my xbox but sorry have no idea how to put into this thread. I’ve just PM’d you the screen shot if I could be so cheeky to ask if you know how to do it?

Im having simmilar issues in ranked PvP from time to time. Its the reason i opened an account here, cause i cannot find any reason why is that going on. Even found a guy with a same team as me and has roghly 2x higher stats in HP and armor while his magic was few points higher.