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10 million trophies

As usual a huge thank you to our members and the players of our alliance for their support. Last week was incredible.
And a huge thank you to all the players who helped us remain #1 for 4 years and a half.

But what matters more than numbers is the people, and the ties that we have created by playing together and sharing so much more along the years. I feel lucky and happy to play with you all. You are the bestest guildmates, as @sdoherty14 would say.

During all those years, we have seen guilds arise, grow and die. But we always remained strong, although it is much less thrilling and motivating to be chased than to chase. We should be soon provided with new challenges. I hope they will bring us a new energy and I am looking forward to taking them on and hitting new milestones with you all.


10 Million! Great accomplishment!

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Well done Anonymous Crew!

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Amazing! Amazing! Your guild remains the gold standard. Congratulations!

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Congratulations Anonymous on your sustained determination and excellence!
:champagne: :clinking_glasses:


Being a top :trophy: guild is one thing. Being a top guild war guild is another. The fact that you are able to do both is fantastic. There are many that do one or the other, not too many do both so congrats on that.


Congrats to you all. 10 mill is a huge milestone. Was glad to see you all come to life last week and looking forward to trying to catch you over the coming weeks/months.


Gratz Anon and Aelth! We wait for allk you at the Inn to celebrate!



( not that i personaly care about Thropies, but you seem to care, so congrats!)

Same here, but of course also congrats!

Guild Wars rank is more interesting, so it wont get boring after the 10 Millions!

Wow. Congrats :smiley: :+1:

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From the looks of it the 8000 to 10,000 :trophy: per guild mate is a cost too high to stay in first. I think that’s the right choice.

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Nice work and congratulations

And just like that, the lead is gone. Least Anon can feel like the rest of us now lol. Good run though, 10 million and sustained success is still something to be proud of.


It is doable. We more or less did it last week. But you can’t reasonably expect 30 people with a family, a job and a life to do it each week.
The big numbers we are seeing on PC/Mobile are not the result of a burden equally shared but of a few people putting insane numbers week after week carrying their guilds.
If the devs are happy with that… I am not going to burn out my players trying to compete. Most of our members have been playing GoW for a very long time and what keeps them in the game is the guild and GW, so our focus is more on trying to improve in GW.


Back when I joined we hadn’t yet reached 3M, time flies! It was fun racing to get to 10M first, and it’s going to be fun going forward no matter where we stand in the trophies leaderboard, we’re not going anywhere :slightly_smiling_face:


i really hope no one is burning him/herself playing this game… yes a race is exciting and fun but please just do it for fun, this is just a game :blush:

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Being number 1 on LB is nice and all but if it burns your players out then it is way better to have a well balanced guild where you are good at all parts of game. Having a guild that stays in B1 Wars is more important if you want to attract other great players. This is my opinion of course.