1.0.9 - Arena - My Armor being ignored sometimes

For every enemy attack, regardless of which, there was always a chance that it would ignore my armor on Spell damage. I didn’t see the same happening to my enemies, though, and I lost a match because of this bug

some spells do true damage which does ignore armour. If it is an attack then chances are it is a passive ability but not sure. Can you tell us what enemies they were so the devs can determine what troops are bugged if any.

the traits or passive abilities are disabled in arena. :smiley: hope that helps. what were you fighting? maybe we could piece it together?

@killerman3333 I’m well aware of that. One of them was Sacred Guardian, and that one shouldn’t do that afaik. There was a Wight in the enemy party, though, not sure if it interfered somehow.

@kzintiwife Yup, also aware of that. If anything, having traits off only makes all this weirder.

What do you mean by “passive abilities”, btw? Do you mean the things that were included in classes?

Which reminds me: classes do not make any difference in Arena, right? I’m confused, because I think they’ve either turned back on making difficulty not influence Arena/PvP, or forgot to remove it from Difficulty screen. Information is still dubious, which is understandable.

traits and passive abilities are the same to me so if it caused confusion i apologize.

take base stats - no kingdoms, no class, no traits, nothing but the raw guys. set everybody besides the hero at lvl 15 and the hero at current lvl. fight. :slight_smile:

arena and pvp will work like before but if you play normal, as you get to rank 1 in pvp or win 8 in arena, code breaker will be turned off.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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