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Zuul'Goth Raid Teams Intermittently Immune to Mana Burn

Anyone else experiencing Zuul’Goth raid teams intermittently immune to mana burn? I’ve not seen any of Zuul’s troops with impervious yet they are intermittently not receiving the damage or mana drain from Queen Mab. I tried to get a couple screen shots but ran out of sigils.


I thought I may have seen it on xbox, but kinda thought it was my imagination.

Working as intended on ps4. So maybe it’s just a Xbox issue. Also, mab doesn’t use mana drain, just the mana burn.

Thank you for the clarification @Santandrix. Not sure what I was thinking…

I took a number of screen shots today and the troop appears to be working as intended. I’m used to Queen Mab spanking opponents in pvp. She’s pretty ineffectual in the raids given her high mana cost and opponents’ high health.

Still, I could’ve sworn damage wasn’t bing dealt at times. I only had the opportunity to use Mab twice today so there still could be an issue. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Yes I’ve seen this today. Couple of times mana burn didn’t damage the Raid enemies (not the boss, the boss was already dead) and pretty sure none of them had immunity. Also other times, same enemies, mana burn damaged them as normal…


Thanks @Jainus.

Okay, I’m not (as) crazy. I’ll have to be more vigilant tomorrow. Maybe I’ll spend more gems on sigils to help beta test the update.