Impervious trait

I have a Impervious squad I use against Queen Mab which consists of Gloom Leaf, Dracos 1337, Behemoth, and Dragon Cruncher. Today i was playing against Desert Troll, Justice, Valkyrie, and Queen Mab and she mana burned all my troops. It never happens with my impervious squad. No they were not stunned. Anybody else experience this?. I recorded the clip on my xbox for proof.

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Here brudda read this…

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Nice he got the proof

Thanks. I did read this and know this and didn’t remember. Duh. I’m such a dummy. Lol . Thank you again

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Majority of us experience this issue, the Impervious trait is broken therefore I had to disband my Impervious team (War Goat/Manticore/Elemaugrim/Behemoth) for now until it’s fixed.

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