Your ideas to improve weak mythics with small changes

I would love peoples ideas on some changes that could be made to bad mythics that would make them more viable. I am not talking about making a weak mythic top ten, but small or moderate changes that would at least make them usable if not preferred in some teams. I will start with Fallen Valids, one of the worst mythics in the game.

Her current passives are

Summon a Darkstorm when an enemy dies.

immune to Poison, Disease, Lycanthropy, and Death Mark

Disease a random enemy when matching Purple Gems.

My only suggested change would be the the first Darkstorm trait. No need to make her broken, but I would suggest it be a permanent darkstorm. There is currently one other troop that does this, but it would be nice to include it here, or change two traits so she has darkstorm at start and darkstom on enemy death.

The main change I would suggest would be to her main attack.
Deal [Magic + 7] damage to all Enemies. Explode 3 Doomskulls, boosted by Divine Enemies. Silence Divine Enemies.

My change to this spell would be

Deal [Magic + 7] damage to all Enemies. Create 3 Doomskulls. Explode [(Magic/5)] Doomskulls. Silence Divine Enemies.

This change would give her some looping potential, but not insane …and some better mana generation. It would not make her a top 10 troop but she would no longer be horrible.

So any other ideas on how to improve bad troops?

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Queen Aurora. One of the earliest Mythics I ever got my hands on, long ago when there weren’t umpteen-thousand Mythics plus tons of Legendary (and even Epic) troops that beat lower-tier Mythics eight ways to Sunday.

This is how her spell currently reads:

Give all other allies Barrier and [Magic + 1] Life. Create 10 Gems of a chosen Color.

I would make two changes. FIrst, I would take “other” out of the spell, making it read “Give all allies” and thus allowing the spell to also affect the casting unit. (Meaning the spell doesn’t become completely useless if all of Aurora’s allies are nuked.) Then I’d add a Bless effect to the spell, so that it’s Barrier and Bless and giving Life.

It still wouldn’t make her a top-tier mythic, I believe that the spell with my proposed revisions plus her existing traits would make her a marginally useful as a multi-purpose support troop. You’d add a Cleanse/Bless effect to her spell. She could help her own survivability now that she can drop all sorts of useful effects on herself. And she still provides help with mana generation (Rainbow Link) plus the looping potential of her spell’s gem creation when used properly.

And if youi wanted to go a step further, you could add Enchant to her spell. I probably wouldn’t go that far, but it would certainly mesh with her role as a support and generator.


Gargantuar easily one of the worst Mythics

-Deal [Magic +13] Damage to an enemy boosted by all allies and enemies killed.[15x]

-Deal [Magic +1] Splash Damage to an enemy boosted by all Orc allies and enemies. If an enemy dies, create 12 skulls. Otherwise summon a random Orc troop. [5x]

It may not make Gargantuar OP but it’s a major step up from what he is now. I also created a team that may work with his new spell.

First Mate Axelubber(Empowered Converter)
MC/Flammifer/LD/Mang/Earth’s Fury/Hope’s Crescent(Barbarian Class)
Gar’Nok(50% Mana start for Orcs)

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Shade of Zorn should be anything but a mythic

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My proposed buff for Wulfgarok: Deal (magic +2) true damage to an enemy, boosted by Wargare allies. If the enemy dies, curse another random enemy, then devour them. (4x)

Another thing that would help Wulfgarok out is a Wargare Hero class.

I like this

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Centuragon is a Mythic with decent mana generation, but his other abilities lack the pizazz that you’d expect from a base 6-star card. He also doesn’t have a unique Mythic trait, which is disappointing.

I suggest changing his third trait, From Dark (“Summon a Darkstorm when an Ally dies”), to a new trait, Infernal Maw, giving a 10% chance to Devour the first Enemy when he takes Skull Damage.

This is like Kruarg the Dread’s Voracious trait in reverse, but since Kruarg is a Legendary and Centuragon is a Mythic, I felt it should be bumped up from 5% to 10%.

It also fits in with the theme of Centuragon’s crazy neck-mouth opening or ‘maw’, which I imagine is why he already has Infernal Armor – you can just imagine potentially getting swallowed if you try to attack him. Infernal Maw should be placed above Infernal Armor to make sure that it procs first.

His spell’s chance to devour is pretty low, which can make casting him and just generating mana pretty underwhelming, so I suggest adding another effect to make it always feel at least a little bit damaging – reduce all enemies’ Attack and Life by 5% of their current maximum.

Centuragon is an Epic, not a Mythic.


Shade of Zorn

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Forgive me for asking, but I don’t see why that particular 3rd trait fits. Wouldn’t it be more relevant to either have something somewhat Orc-specific on the level that Gargantaur does? Alternately, to have something that would either synergize with his spell? Or to have something that benefits red allies (or just Orc allies) given the suggestion of the spell to match things that way?

Silence just doesn’t seem very “Orc-like” to me.

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I agree with your point but do all traits synergies with troops type in the game?
I just thought to give it unique trait.
Thanks for your feedback

They don’t. And your suggested “Quiet Place” trait would have some use and annoy the opposition to a degree. I just believe it would make for a better mythic if it had a trait that seemed to fit in with a way to use/synergize the troop.

The current third trait on the troop (Zorn’s Fury: Gain 4 mana when I take damage) sucks. It pales in comparison to Gargantaur’s racial trait, and it’s equal or worse than probably every other Orc racial trait as well. But Shade of Zorn is still an Orc and probably should have a racial trait like every other Orc (except the Bugbear and the Ogryn) does. Just one robust enough to be worthy of a mythic.

And if you feel the need to keep “Quiet Place”? Maybe you substitute out Stealthy for that instead.

Oh what

Edit: for clarity, this was a(n obviously not very good) joke :crazy_face:

Centuragon was a Glory Troop from the Tihamata Campaign.

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Current spell: Explode all Gems of a chosen color. Summon an Infernal King

Suggested spell: If there’s an Infernal King among the allies OR enemies, explode all gems of a chosen color and stun the enemies of the chosen color. Otherwise, summon an Infernal King and destroy all gems of a chosen color.

Consort of Darkness

Current 3rd trait: Darkest Hunger - Steal 6 life from the first enemy when matching Purple gems

Suggested change: Steal 3 magic from a RANDOM enemy when matching Purple gems

How this makes her better: Her spell can slay an enemy at a chance of Magic+1 %. With more magic that she steals, she can be a deadly troop.

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Flame of Anu

Current Spell: Deal [Magic]+4 damage to the first 2 enemies, boosted by Burning and Faerie Fired enemies. [x5]

Suggested change: Faerie Fire the first 2 enemies and then deal [Magic]+4 damage to them, boosted by Burning and Faerie Fired enemies. [x5]

Thank you @Kezef for taking the time to reply. I agree with you and I wish the Developers create a mythic that stand for Mythic troop and add value to the game instead of creating useless troops and name them Mythic.

This is actually a solid suggestion

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